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Raised my prices by 250%

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As Managing Director of Gap HR, Carolyne Wahlen is a busy entrepreneur and mum. She studied business in German and English, speaks fluent German and with a career spanning 26 years in recruitment and HR related roles. Carolyne is an expert in her field. She loves the problem solving aspects of her work the most and many of her clients refer to her work as “first class”. She is driven, ambitious and loves success.

Carolyne Wahlen

Carolyne has been involved in dealing with human resources issues and helping companies with their staff since 1995. Carolyne established Gap HR to meet that outsourcing need and protect organisations from costly errors, red tape and tribunals.


Since 2003, Gap HR Services has been providing HR support for small businesses specialising in keeping them tribunal free. Masters at solving problems and getting things sorted, Gap HR prides itself on its ability to offer practical solutions and a balance between the legal and commercial pressures that are right for her clients. Carolyne specialises in Private Member Golf Clubs and the Hospitality Industry.

As anyone who has run their own business will know, it can be a bumpy ride. It can be lonely, frustrating and fraught with feeling like you’re not doing enough or doing the right things. Carolyne attended several education and marketing groups to fill what she thought was the gap but found she wasn’t applying the right things in the right place. It was time for a significant mindset shift.

Carolyne has been with BBB Success Groups for 8 years and joined BBB Success Group Mastermind when it launched in 2014.

“BBB Mastermind is much better than most because it’s a Creative Mastermind. I love the Ideas Factories for generating new and sometimes radical ideas, High Intensity rounds for focussing in on a particular subject and the Lightning rounds for getting people’s initial gut reaction to something.”


“I have been working with George and Tracey since February 2012 and wouldn’t be without them and the group”.

Carolyne has raised her prices by 250%, quadrupled her client base and her monthly profit now exceeds her annual profit from 2012.

“The most important bit for me is the peer-to-peer support and the reality check that comes with that.The culture BBB create is completely open and honest and you feel you can share things that you wouldn’t share anywhere else without judgment or prejudice and get advice, support and feedback.”

“I love new shiny projects, so it’s great to have somewhere you can bring these ideas to test the water before you invest time and money in them. I’ve saved myself a lot of time, money and energy.”

“The other thing I love is it’s not all about business. Whilst I’m a driven business owner, sometimes personal things can significantly impact your ability to focus and grow.”

“BBB are mindset and performance experts and their contribution in the rounds is invaluable.”

“I have been working with George and Tracey since February 2012 and wouldn’t be without them and the group!”

“My bookkeeper kept trying to “save” me the expense of the group, but the group has saved me, personally and the business, so many times, that it is absolutely invaluable.”

“George and Tracey understand the challenges of running a business because they do it themselves. They are not a franchise. It’s BBB 100% all the way for me.”

Carolyne Wahlen Results

“If you’re committed to growth and you’re ambitious, BBB Mastermind is the place for you.”

22 February 2020


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