Dream lifestyles, or empires, they all start with hitting £100K. But that’s easier said than done.
Particularly if you don’t know whose advice to follow or where to start.
We spent years implementing well-meaning but nonsense advice for the stage we were at in business, wasting time, money and energy.
It’s time to bust the myths, punch through the business bullshit and address what’s holding you back.
We’ve stripped back all the noise in a 4-hour workshop that gives you just what you need (and nothing more).

11 March 2021

9:30am – 12:30pm Workshop
1:30pm – 2:30pm Live Q&A

with George Swift


  • We’ll help you determine how to be become a £100k business owner
  • We’ll show you how to stress test and evolve your business model so it’s £100k ready
  • We’ll share the straightforward methodology you need to apply to get there


  • The only two functions you need to focus on in your business to grow
  • 8 traits you need to build a profitable and successful business, regardless of the economic climate
  • 3 core things to take you to £100K and beyond
  • 1 simple thing you can do to leap ahead and make sure you’re winning more business
  • Whether your business is £100K ready and what you can do if it’s not
  • What activities you can stop or drop right now, so you can focus on earning more


We charge £10 for the workshop which we match and donate to the West Berks Food Bank. Aside from giving to a good cause that really needs support, there are solid reasons that we ask you to part with a nominal sum to attend:

  • We always deliver value and insights that you can implement straight away to start earning more from your business
  • We want to know you’re serious about growth
  • We want the right calibre of person in the room so you can network with other like-minded businesses
  • We want you to show up
West Berks Food Bank


Elliott Frisby

“George was what I would class as the perfect mentor for someone like myself. He is a mix of 2 people I admire, Rob Moore and Dan Meredith.

“He says it like it is (another trait I appreciate) and it’s quite clear that, unlike other mentors, he has relevant content and education which exceeds my own knowledge and I have no doubt that Monkeynut Audiobooks, as well as the other areas of the Monkeynut brand, will benefit from BBB.”

Elliott Fisby
Founder of Monkeynut Entertainment

Lesley Beattie

“I loved the day from start to finish. There was a great group of like-minded people and George certainly delivered. His presentation was full of energy and he came across as thoroughly authentic.”


Lesley Beattie
Your Organisational Angel

Gail Watson

“I am not ashamed to admit I was sceptical about attending the workshop. It was a pretty bold statement ‘help me achieve £10K a month consistent revenue,’ but I was wrong!

“George takes no prisoners but also talks sense. I felt comfortable as soon as he started speaking. The content is straight to the point and just makes sense!”


Gail Watson
Elementary Events

We’ve supported over 400 small service businesses on their journey to building the business they want.

We have an excellent track record in helping business owners develop so that they can grow their business, bring in more income and create the lifestyle they desire.  The right environment can dramatically improve your chances of success.

We cut through the nonsense advice to give you what you need for the stage you’re at in your business, reducing the risk of wasting time, money and energy in the process.