Alison Joshi Case Study
Being with BBB has really supported my personal development. It helped with confidence and more critically resilience.

"Since joining BBB I have doubled my revenue in less than a year."


JWJ is a graphic design agency that specialises in the education and leisure sectors, offering a full suite of brand and design services, rolling out branding across all customer touch points and marketing channels ensuring that it is displayed seamlessly throughout.

JWJ Design offers a range of services which include everything from workshops that introduce clients to the benefits of branding effectively, to developing brand foundations, brand and logo creation, right through to print and online marketing design, where JWJ Design can ensure a strong sense of cohesion and consistency.


JWJ Design (formerly Joshi was Janes) was set up in 2011 by Alison Joshi, who has a desire to work closely with her clients, helping them solve their problems and get excited again about their marketing. Having worked for some of the top advertising and marketing agencies in Central London, Alison decided to take her vast experience and set up her own creative studio.

Prior to JWJ Design, Alison had been working for herself for 11 years. She found her niche based around her own interests and experience in the education and leisure industries, as she has a unique understanding of the brands from both a parental perspective and a child's perspective.


Alison was ready to take her business to the next stage, but she was just unsure of how to get there.

"I was literally like a rabbit in headlights all the time. I wasn't sure where I should be going and where I should be concentrating my efforts. I just wasn't doing any of it because I was overwhelmed and not really sure of my business model either.

"But I wasn't sure that 1:1 coaching felt right.

"Before BBB it was all kind of feast and famine."

Alison was recommended BBB by two of our members so joined one of our taster sessions to find out what the hype was about.

"It came up in conversation about coaches and we were picking each other's brains about business stuff in general, and what support there was. And we were talking about coaching, and how it's the next stage to get a bit more serious and more focussed.

"They suggested I should try out the taster session with George Swift, as it would be a good fit personality wise, explaining the sessions are really fun, enjoyable and just honest business advice, that it comes across in a fun way without being too preachy.”

"I did one of the taster mornings, and then I was hooked."



Alison has thrived on the culture and the accountability that BBB has to offer. It has given her a greater focus for her business.

"The key point for me is that accountability and having the structure of the group... That forces me to focus on my business. I'm very aware that I actually need to be working on my business, but I'm so absorbed with client delivery so much of the time and BBB helps me get the balance right.

"If I've said I was going to do something, and when you're turning up saying, I haven't done it. You're a bit like, oh, no, I need to do this...I've invested in growing my business.

"I love the group setting. It's so enjoyable!

"Having a group reminds you that you're not alone. Questions are raised that I never even thought to ask, which is fantastic learning. So rather than it just being kind of that one-on-one full-on focus, you're learning from everyone else's journeys as well. You take away so many amazing nuggets from other people, which are as good as some of the content sessions that BBB cover."

Alison has a new confidence mindset around her business since joining BBB.

"I just feel more grown up in business. The way I talk about my business is very different now to 12 months ago. I'd started getting to the point where I would very much pitch myself as a freelancer. Now I'm not: I run a design agency.

"I think it's the shift in headspace too.... I've got confidence to turn work away that I know isn't right for me, rather than worrying."

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