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Success Groups Big Push September 2018

Tracey & George at BBB Big Push September 2018

In a little flurry of magic on 27th September 2008, George Swift and Tracey Miller connected over email. It was love at first message and they went on to form Bigger Brighter Bolder 6 months later. When you know, you know, right?

The business went through various evolutions and BBB Success Groups was born in 2012 after they spotted a gap in the market for the right combination of support in growing their own business.

Now there are two key parts:

• BBB Success Groups: an online kick-arse community of ambitious business owners who are savvy enough to realise that their mindset, attitude and behaviour is the key to their business success.

• BBB Extreme Growth Mastermind: a hand-selected group of 6-figure, service-based businesses who are prepared to do what it takes to double revenue in 12 months.

We put an entire infrastructure around our members

to create the best possible environment for business success:

• Goal setting done properly

• Accountability

• Peer to peer support

• A community filled with resources and skills

• Exclusive mindset and attitude training from George Swift

• Business skills training

Working with BBB is challenging and not for the faint-hearted. You have to be prepared to consistently show up to pushing forward, growing, evolving and being completely authentic about what the gaps are in your game. Working with BBB is also a lot of fun. We love our members dearly and will do whatever we can to support and encourage them. Once you’re in our gang, you’re part of the BBB family, and you’ll feel like you belong. We also know how to throw a party and the BBB Christmas party is legendary!

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Meet the Team

George Swift

George Swift

George is the main man at BBB. He is our creator and visionary. He’s been leading groups for 25 years and combines his ability to inspire change with his uncanny understanding of what it is to be a human being and the constant challenges we seemingly have to overcome. He’s a master at helping you look at the gaps in your game.


He takes neurosciences, evolutionary psychology and proven success methodologies, adding his own unique ‘George-isms’, and develops content and programmes that are intelligent, witty, and have you challenging the way you think for a better future. It’s pure genius!

Tracey Miller

Tracey Miller

Tracey is the backbone of BBB. She runs the business, heads up sales and keeps George in check. She’s the driving force that moves everything forward and she rarely takes prisoners. She does have a compassionate side though and looks after and supports the members. She is an excellent intuitive and results-driven coach.


She loves networking, connecting with people and seeing business owners achieve their goals, especially the kick-arse ones. She and George make an awesome team.

Vanessa Griffiths

Vanessa Griffiths

Vanessa is as our Member Experience Manager. She makes sure all members have the best possible experience and that they are getting the support they need to achieve their goals.

She is our most organised team member keeping us all in check with lists and spreadsheets. We couldn’t survive without her.


You wouldn’t know by looking at her, but she drinks pints and plays darts like a demon.

Maya Eadie

Maya Eadie

Maya is our Marketing Manager. She manages all aspects of our marketing from branding to funnel building. She loves to get under the bonnet of technology and work out how everything operates. She kind of disappears for a couple of days, then pops up with this awesome new approach.


She’s amazing at problem-solving and has a wicked sense of humour.