Our community makes bold and courageous moves, they take action on long-held dreams which enables them to live the lives they once could only imagine. Curious what might be in store for you?


In just over a year I have 💥increased my turnover by one third (and am on target to double it again this year) 💥changed my business model to one that can accommodate more growth 💥learned and understood all my important numbers, including establishing a cashflow and pipeline 💥discovered a new passion for my business and confidence in who I am as a business owner 💥learned how to sell! 💥learned how to set and achieve goals which really make a difference 💥met a whole host of amazing, inspirational people who all give the best support going.


I genuinely believe that if you join, you will skip five to ten years of struggling through and navigating shit.


BBB not only showed me what to do but helped me technically set up payments so I could get clients booked in easier. I followed up proactively with confidence and closed a deal the next day.

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My turnover has increased by 250% since joining BBB.


BBB is working its magic again. Four new clients signed contracts this week and four are letting me know this week or next. We had no pipeline last week.


BBB supported my personal development. It helped massively with confidence and more critically resilience.


Being around people who will help me to do better and hold me accountable has been key to this, and it’s big thanks to Tracey Miller and George Swift at Bigger Brighter Bolder for all their no-nonsense, no excuses, straight talking advice over the last year.


Whatever your stage of business, BBB has something for every issue you might face. But you need to implement what is right for your business at the right time. The feedback from a diverse group of business owners is so valuable

Amna Hasan


It's hard to explain how that community can help you, but it's just that case of when you're low, when you need something, or even like the other day when I talked about my branding with you guys. That feedback is so crucial because, as a small business owner, you're very alone. And it can feel like it's just you with the weight of the world on your shoulders and it helps take some of that burden away. You guys have upped my game in more ways than I could imagine. 🙂 Love my BBB community.


I wanted to say thank you to all of you and this isn’t just George and Tracey. This is all of you because the support and the individuals in this group and how much they give is incredible.


I’m a very different person than I was 12 months ago and BBB have 100% played a part in that.


These are great sessions that enable you to take a ‘helicopter’ view of your own business, with positive critical support in the room.


A Bigger Brighter Bolder day is my favourite day! The community make such a difference to your confidence, motivation, energy and resiliance. Joining Success Groups was the best decision I made last year!


I love this. It’s been so inspiring to be part of this group over the last few months. Helping us get through it together!


My business has flourished since being a member, there are things I have managed to achieve that I simply could not have on my own, and BBB have most definitely been a catalyst for that.

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As a member, it's brilliant to identify the successes you've had, and then feel the energy from everyone else's wins. This captured that amazingly 👏


This year has been a whirlwind in many ways for everyone, but being part of the BBB group and community has been the best place to be for me! I have really valued all the sessions, the opportunity to reflect, build on my strengths and learn from the goals I didn’t quite make and why!

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My revenue has doubled within 1 year and I now have a strong, clear forecast of real growth in the business.

Two years ago, before BBB I was all about the art, vibe, and culture. Now I have a real passion for sales and earning money, I can clearly see my roadmap to success. I’ve always had a strong belief that I would be successful, but I didn’t know how it was going to happen, now I have the vision of how that’s going to happen and that comes from what I’ve learned at BBB.

Julia Blake


Personally the only group like this for me is BBB – I’d give up electricity before I gave up BBB it’s that instrumental to me.


As a BBB member for several years now, I would not be where I am in my business without it. I have grown my business from scratch with the support of BBB, looking at my personal growth and business growth simultaneously. The two go hand in hand if you want to truly succeed, and that’s what I’ve worked on to build my 6-figure business. I’m proud to be part of the BBB family and to continue to go from strength to strength.


I survived 2020 and actually achieved 1yrs worth of revenue in the last 6 months of the year. Having a group of people you can ask anything of at any time is what I value most – it doesn’t matter if the question is about staff, client, juggling business and kids there’s always lots of support and input to move you forward. Personally I get as much from giving input and solutions to others as I do from getting help with the question I bring.


If you’re considering BBB Success Groups, go with an open mind, be ready to be challenged, and then amaze yourself with what you can achieve.


The BBB network is incredible! It’s so rewarding being able to contribute to others and I feel like I’m levelling up.


Anyone I know reading this will know how much I attribute Brown Dog’s growth and resilience to BBB’s help.


YOU have created an amazing community G&T – thank you a million times xx.


I’ve been part of other groups, but BBB has been the top one for me, which is why I’ve kept going for nearly nine years because I see it as a team. It’s a group of people who’ve become friends.

There is no shortcut and it’s bloody hard work and you get lots of downs – things don’t work, lots of failures, where you have to wipe the dust off your feet and start again or rethink things. So that’s why it’s essential to be part of a group because, to be quite frank, if I weren’t part of Success Groups and the Masterminds that came later on, I don’t think I’d be in the position that I am today. And because it is lonely at the top.

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I love the goal setting process – it focuses you and you simply get more done. That can never be a bad thing.


What a fantastic community to be a part of! Such an inspiration and motivation to get through whatever this year throws at us!


Having a group of people that can help you, makes an enormous amount of difference. You are not alone.


Hand on heart I can honestly say that without George Swift, Tracey Miller and the group members of Bigger Brighter Bolder (Mindset for Success) I would NOT have an equine and pet photography business.

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George and Tracey have sponsored us for 5 years, helping me with public-speaking anxiety and becoming a CEO. With mindset coaching, goal setting and the great positivity and challenges from the group, the charity has expanded and supported 1,200 people with cancer.


My business is stronger than ever and has a great future.