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As an entrepreneur, you are on one of life’s greatest adventures and your mindset is the biggest contributing factor to your success.

Why wouldn’t you invest in understanding the mechanics of how that works to get better results?  This is why BBB Success Groups was created. To give you the insight you need to adapt and hone your mindset for success…

Success Groups


Mastermind Classes

This is where you find our most ambitious, driven and highly motivated members.

We come together to focus on our businesses and help each other to overcome the challenges we face that stop us from creating the success we’re looking to achieve.

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George is a master of understanding and developing mindset and behaviour to improve performance and subsequent success. 

He has successfully worked with Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Sports, but his real passion is for individuals with the entrepreneurial spirit like you.

George Swift
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You’ve absolutely come to the right place!

At BBB we work towards understanding and developing the mindset to improve performance as a business owner. So far we have helped more than 400 business owners and now we are going to share our exclusive content with you, our email subscriber.


27 August 2020

Online Workshop

6 figure fast track zoom

6-Figure Fast Track Online Workshop

An EXCLUSIVE workshop for ambitious service-based business owners who want to reach 100K turnover.

It’s never been tougher for small service-based businesses, however, we don’t need to be unnecessarily held back by current circumstances.

There’s so much we can do in order to continue the growth of our businesses, and that’s where this workshop will help you.

10 June 2020


Will your business still be relevant by 2021

Will your business still be relevant by 2021?

The economic landscape has changed like never before. But has your business adapted to deal with these changes? By the end of the year, will your customers still love you, or have been wooed by someone else? Will your product look fresh and exciting, or be stale and irrelevant? Will the talent pool consider you a go-to business, or somewhere to avoid? In short, will your business still be relevant by the year 2021?

26 May 2020


Selling more. With fewer leads.

Sell More. With Fewer Leads.

One of the biggest issues facing businesses right now is how to sell more when customer numbers are falling (in some cases, non-existent), customers are harder to reach, and the process of sales has been turned on its head.

That’s why EvolutionCBS, BGI and BBB have come together. They’re experts in the field of strategic development, preparing businesses for sale, and discovering the right mindsets for achieving sales growth.