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The Four Pillars of Entrepreneurial Conditioning

Fight Harder

What is the number one character trait of people who succeed?   

It’s their willingness to fight. To fight their internal and external battles.  

It’s their ability to be persistent in the face of challenge.   

To not be put off by their failures or the naysayers.  

To hold their vision and take one step forward every single day.  

Fast Enough?

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti.   

I love this quote.   

It’s not about wanting things to be more hectic.    

It’s not about everything being completely out of control.  

He’s just saying, that it’s okay for things to not be 100% under control and if they’re not, it’s a good sign you’re pushing hard and can expect to make good progress.  

I find it reassuring.   

When things don’t seem completely under my control – if I feel I’m losing “grip” – it shows me I’m where I need to be in order to make the most gains.   

So, if you are finding things a little hairy right now, it might be good sign that you’re leaning into business and getting a move on.   

It’s a good sign that you’re doing what you need to do in order to get maximum results.   

If, however, it feels completely terrifying – like you’re going to lose it and spin off at any minute – that’s probably too much out of control and you might want to back off – just a little bit 😉 

Half-Arsed About Results 

“Our soft and safe lifestyle has made it okay to be half-arsed about results. In the animal kingdom, nothing less than 100% will do.”   

An old meme of mine, as poignant today as it was when I wrote it.  

You can see by the scars on the lion’s face that it’s not being plain sailing for him.   

I’m grateful we’re not fighting for our lives every day, but have we lost our bite, our claws? Have we lost our edge?  

It’s not life and death anymore so it doesn’t matter. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it later. Maybe I’ll never get round to it…   


Most of us don’t achieve what we could, because we never truly tap into our full reserves. We just tick over.   

However hard we’re working, there’s usually another gear.   

We’ve lost the habit of tapping into our 100% and therefore we’ve also lost our ability to see what we’re truly capable of.  

If we can bring a little bit more of what we’ve got each day to what we’re doing – more of our resolve, more of our fight, more of our bite – we will get bigger and greater results. 

Be Treated For Who You’re Becoming

“At Success Groups, we treat you for who you are becoming, not for who you were.”   

That’s an oldie of mine but I think the message is still absolutely true to what we stand for at BBB.   

It’s really important to realise that when we’re setting up a new business, for example, in an area that’s new to us, people around us might not seem very supportive.   

It can be hard for those who know us best to let us move on and become who we want to be.  

It’s very possible, however, that you’ve changed and they just haven’t noticed yet…  

Even husbands, wives and partners who’ve had many years of you being a certain way, can’t always see your potential.   

People who ‘know’ you have built up an image of who you are. It’s hard for them to see you fitting into a new life or direction.   

So it’s vital that you surround yourself with people who will accept you for who you are today, not who you were before, but who also allow you to be who you are becoming.   

I’m not knocking anyone in your life. People in your life that love you may be attached to who you were, rather than allowing you to grow and become who you want to be.   

It’s essential that you find environments where you get to be the current best version of yourself.   

Get yourself into environments that do that for you. I promise it will pay off. 

Get result others don’t

When you do extraordinary things, you get to build an extraordinary business.   

You get to live an extraordinary life.  

This week’s Meme Lucky Dip landed on this…  

“Get the results others don’t by doing what others won’t.”   

I’ve been telling my Success Groups members this for years. And it is as true today as it was when I first created this meme.  

Most people don’t want to do the hard stuff – the late nights, early mornings, sales and other difficult stuff.  

We set our businesses up for freedom, right? Maybe to make time of cash? Or, maybe to have Mondays and Fridays off and have a half day on Wednesdays? But that life doesn’t come for free.  

If you’re prepared to go beyond the ordinary, you really can achieve the extraordinary in business and in life. 

Packaging your service-based product

Does your service-based product fit in a ‘box’?  

Would it stand out on a shelf if it was alongside other similar products?  

This could be what you need to think about in order to make sure you’re found by the right clients.   

In the video, I talk about shampoo as an analogy and how to grab attention. It’s all in the packaging, isn’t it?  

Once you’ve got their attention, the sales process begins. But if you look like every other product on the shelf, you’ll never get those high-ticket sales.  

Maximising your prices and making sales is fundamental to your business growth. If you look ordinary or mainstream, you’ll only ever sell for ordinary and mainstream prices.  

Targeting your ‘packaging’ and thinking about exactly who you want to sell to is key.  

Have a think about that for your business. 

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