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The 8 Traits of Those Who Will Win. Win what?  

Well, they’re the ones that are going to succeed, the ones that are going to get through the challenges, the ones that are going to get through maybe some of the more difficult times that we’ve faced the past 18 months, and the challenges that we always face on our entrepreneurial journey.  

So I’m going to do a whistle-stop tour of the eight character traits, or personality traits of people who win.  

I’ve mentored and worked with over 400 business owners now, from start-ups all the way through to multi-million-pound businesses and beyond, and there are certain characteristics, certain traits, that the successful people bring to the table and I’ve condensed these for you here just to tune into and say, which ones do I already possess and which ones do I need to step into, develop? Which ones do I need to embrace a little bit more of?  

#1 – They will show up.  

They don’t hide in the shadows, they don’t shy away from the battles or the challenges. They show up, literally and metaphorically. They show up to their business, their life, their challenges and their goals.  

#2 – They always bring their best.  

Their best is not always the best they’ve got, it’s the best on the day. Just like the Olympics we’ve all gone through right now, not everyone can run a PB on any given day, not everyone can break a world record on a particular day, you can only bring the best you’ve got.  

If you had diarrhoea the night before or it’s a really hot day, humid day, high altitude, if you stubbed your toe in the morning, there’s only so much you can actually bring, right?  

You might not be able to bring the best you’ve ever done, you might not be able to bring the best you ever could, you just bring the best you can, given that set of circumstances.  

Same with life, same with business. You can’t expect to be at your best all the time. What you do is you bring the best you’ve got access to given everything that’s going on. If you’re tired, worn down, if you’ve got other things going on in your personal life, you might not be able to bring 100% to your business game.  

You bring the best you’ve got on that day, condition that and develop that over time and obviously that starts to improve and it becomes more habitual. 

#3 – They’ll re-engineer, create and flex to meet the market.  

Look, things are changing, never more so than the last 18 months. I saw a great article that was talking about how we had five years of change to businesses and the economic landscape – we had five years in six months between March and October 2020 because of lockdowns and everything else. We had five-years-worth of change happening in a six-month period. So obviously a lot of our business owners, ourselves included, we had to re-engineer, we had to flex into the market, we had to be creative and innovative in order to be able to maintain the business and continue to grow our business, and we did this for all of our members as well.  

Some businesses, were in the right place at the right time, and their businesses took off because of what was going on. A lot of businesses were challenged, some businesses were almost wiped out. So we have to be really intelligent about how we re-engineer our business, how we’re being creative in order to meet the market. Even outside of these unprecedented times, change is always happening, change is always occurring and therefore, we can’t get too fixed in our ways. Which leads on to number four. 

#4 – A flexible mindset. 

“I am…” “It is…” is not going to get you anywhere. It’s, “I could be…” “It might be…” Live in possibility.  

You need to be flexible, you can’t feel that you’ve got everything right, everything nailed down. Equally, you can’t think, this is what always worked so we’re not going to change that. It’s unfortunate, but given the fact that – #3 – the market is going to change, the world is going to change, sometimes really ferociously fast, we have to be flexible in our mindset, we have to be flexible in our approach, we have to be flexible about how I see myself, my business, how I communicate that, right?  

If I’m fixed, I’m going to cause real problems for myself. There’s no ability to create change from that place. If I’m flexible, I can be creative, I can create change, I can go out there and re-engineer my business, reinvent myself, create whatever I need to do.  

But you’re going to have to do this anyway, not just because of what’s going on in the last 18 months. This is the life of a business owner entrepreneur, especially a small business.  

#5 – They’re prepared to fight.  

It’s life, right? I don’t mean fight, as in I’m going to take you all on. What I mean by fight is that you have to really stand up and fight for what you want.  

You can’t just think, I’m good at what I do, the world can come to me, you can’t just sit there and think, I really want that, I hope it happens. You have to go out there and you do have to fight for what you want, you have to really show up. 

Going back to #1, you have to really show up, you have to bring your best, #2, and you’ve got to give everything that you’ve got to this thing. You have to be prepared to fight. You’re going to get losses, you’re going to fail sometimes, things are going to go against you and if you haven’t got that fight in you, that resolve in you, that tenacity in you, that perseverance, that resilience in you to step up and go again, then the world sometimes is just going to wipe you out. It’s going to stick you flat on your back and you won’t get up again, so you’ve got to be willing to fight.  

#6 – They collaborate and partner.  

You can’t go solo. I’ve said this a lot in recent posts, etc. They collaborate and they partner. Don’t go on your own. Don’t try and go out there all on your own.  

Climbing a mountain, it is way more dangerous to go out there on your own than it is to go out with a team of people that’ve got your back, okay?  

Businesses, smart businesses that succeed, they go out, they collaborate, they partner, they become part of communities and things like that. They let other people do some of the heavy lifting for them, they allow other businesses to support them and they are that for those other people as well.  

#7 – They’ll focus on their own vision and their own agenda.  

I talked about this recently as well. There are massively competing agendas in the marketplace out there. You need to make sure that you’re true to your own.  

The businesses that succeed, they know their vision, they know their goals. They know what they’re doing, they know why they’re doing it. They’re sold, they’re bought in on it, they know it’s for the greater good. This isn’t about being selfish or anything, they know that what they’re doing is good for themselves, it’s good for their clients, it’s good generically, and they back themselves and they go all in on their agenda. Absolutely important.  

#8 – They stay in the game and they don’t give up.  

They never, ever give up, because any one of us, on any given day, could have something happen that makes us feel like, “What’s the point? I’m just tired, I’m worn out.”  

A lot of businesses over the last 18 months, especially when it first happened and this thing dropped, the first six months, many businesses we worked with across Success Groups, were saying, “I can’t do what I was doing.”  

It’s not that the market’s tougher, which it is for a lot of businesses at the moment, it’s that they physically couldn’t do what they do, right? And it’d be easier to give up, and a lot of businesses have given up.  

I’m pleased to say that the businesses in our group, they didn’t give up. They applied these eight mindsets, they flexed, they re-engineered, they had flexible mindsets, they were prepared to fight. My god did they have to fight!  

They collaborated, they were in partnerships, they’re part of our community at Success Groups and Bigger Brighter Bolder, and they created success.  

Some of our business owners are way more successful now than they were before going into that first lockdown on March 23rd. Because they had to fight. They had to re-engineer and they had to dig deep into that resolve and they found this fight in them, they found this resolve in them and the creativity and the innovation inside of them that actually maybe they hadn’t needed to tap into before. Their business was like this, it got wiped out like this, but when they found this juice, they actually ended up here, better off for it.  

We’ve got business owners that are five times now what they were going into lockdown back in March 23rd last year – they’re five times bigger now than they were before that first lockdown, after having had most of their business completely wiped out in that first three month period.  

If you can do that in the times that we’ve gone through recently, you can definitely do it in better times, and let’s hope we are definitely getting into better times. I’ll cross my fingers on that one.  

So there you go – The 8 Traits of Those Who Will Win. 

The 8 Traits Of Those Who'll Win

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