When business owners tell me money isn’t important


17 When business owners tell me money isn't important

The world is run on money. We can sit on the outside moaning about how others are using or abusing it, or we can get in the game. Money is fuel. Put it to good use and it will do good, use it negatively and it will do bad. But to deny the importance of money in business and, let’s face it, in life, is delusional. Good people are often wrongly taught that to chase and make money makes them bad.

There’s nothing that wouldn’t benefit from you having more money. Most importantly to the business owner, money accelerates business growth. You may also get a nicer house, a better car and greater opportunities in life, but you’ll also be able to help more people and have a greater positive impact on those around you. The people who say that money can’t buy happiness conveniently ignore the struggle, hardship and unhappiness that not having it can bring. At the very least, become wealthy to remove the discomfort and limitations that come with being poor!

Money is like electricity, making things light up. This is why I often refer to currency as ‘curren(t)cy’. Too many people sit on the outside of the flow of money, trying to grab a few notes or coins as it passes them by. Consider your own mindset towards money. Does it make you uncomfortable, excited, anxious? It’s possible to change this and to mentally and physically plug yourself in the circuit.


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