What is a Mastermind Group?

A well run Mastermind brings together a select group of individuals with a common key focus who can offer each other advice, guidance, decision-making, support, ideas, creativity, and serious accountability. Done right, Masterminds are an incredibly powerful environment to create change. At BBB, we take business growth very seriously, however we also know how to have a lot of fun.

Why Should I Join a Mastermind?

There is incredible power in being in the right environment, with the right people, being facilitated in the right way. The right environment will stimulate you, motivate you, inspire you and push you to new heights. It will help you set meaningful goals and it will hold you accountable to the steps along the way in achieving those goals.

Not only will you be in the perfect place for extreme growth, you will also explore the gaps in your game, strategy, plans, products, systems and processes, resources and staffing as well as your own mindsets, attitudes and perspectives.

How do I know if a Mastermind Group is right for me?

There are two key aspects to a good Mastermind and you’ll need to fully commit to both.

1. To get the most from it you will need to commit to attending sessions, doing the homework and fully participating.

2. You need to be prepared to commit, freely give your ideas, knowledge and support and honour the code of confidentiality.

For a BBB Mastermind, you also need to be a service-based business and ambitious, preferably with a little frustration thrown in about something for good measure. It’s the frustration that will create in you the need to look at something different. And we are. If this is you, call us immediately.

Why Extreme Growth?

BBB Extreme Growth Mastermind sets the goal to double revenue in 12 months, regardless of where you start when you join. The reason we look at extreme growth is because in most cases it requires a radical change in the way you approach business. To create change we need momentum. Many businesses lose momentum when they reach £100k and above. Unless our business is evolving and growing, it’s dying. So let’s grow!

Doubling doesn’t seem possible for you? We have a track record in supporting our members to achieve this. We’ve had members go from £100 – £250k, from £750 – £1.5M and £1.8M – £4M.

Who Else is in the Room?

Obviously, you want to make sure the people in the room can offer you value. Look at the track record of the company before committing to a Mastermind, and in particular, read case studies from other members. Speak to one or two to see what they’ve got from it.

At BBB, we hand select ambitious business owners who’ve achieved a minimum of £100k turnover. We deliberately diversify the groups to minimise competition and maximise cross-fertilisation from other sectors. We are experts at creating the right culture and environment.

Mastermind Extreme Growth-

What Will I Get?

  • 12 exclusive group meetings per year – These are for your specific group only and will be a full day, 9.30am – 6pm.
  • 2 big events per year – These are the second Wednesday in January and the second Wednesday in September. We bring all our members together to launch the year in January, then in September it’s the Big Push to maximise the end of the year. These are high energy, high value events.
  • Online goal setting, accountability and success measurement – The BBB Goal Setting System is a fully integrated, online, user friendly goal setting and accountability system that helps you plan, manage your tasks, focus on the things that are important and holds you accountable to doing what you said you would do. This is an unbelievably powerful yet simple tool that significantly improves your chances of achieving success.
  • Access to all the BBB Success Groups Audios – BBB Success Groups is expert-led coaching and mentoring from George Swift on core aspects of running your business.
  • Private Forum – This is an invaluable resource for sharing ideas and successes, getting support and advice and feeling part of a team. You will be part of two groups. Your exclusive Extreme Growth Group and also the main member group with over 80 members who have businesses up to £4M turnover and a variety of skills and resources that can support your business.
Mastermind Goal Setting

What do BBB know about running Masterminds?

George Swift has been successfully running groups for over 20 years and BBB has been running our Success Groups since 2012.  We are so good at it, we run a programme to help other business owners set up their own successful Masterminds.

If you are an expert, influencer, coach, facilitator and/or mentor interested in launching your own Mastermind of Group Coaching Programme, please contact us.

What’s the Next Step?

BBB can offer you a Mastermind Discovery Day so you can fully experience our Mastermind environment, meet other like-minded business owners, get all the information you need to make an informed decision and ask any questions you might have. We host these at our beautiful venue and charge £45 to cover lunch (and make sure you show up).

Enrolment opens twice a year.


If you need any more help or have questions about this or anything else to do with Mastermind groups, schedule a 15 Minute Discovery call with Tracey.


If you’re ambitious and you want to grow you need to know there is so much more available for you. Dare to be different and take a serious look at BBB Mastermind. It’s a game-changer!

Rob Goddard
Director, Evolution CBS

BBB keeps me on track and maintains my focus on where we‘re heading through some of the tough times we have as business owners.

Chris Jones
CEO Nymad