Between you and me, let’s admit that there are people we spend time with who make us feel less than we would like to feel about ourselves. There are people out there who just seem to have this knack of lowering our confidence and damaging our self-esteem.

I want you to imagine for a moment that you could be with those people and their criticism and judgment, and that the negativity just bounces off. Or imagine you have armour, a cast iron self-esteem and confidence, impenetrable to other people’s criticism, judgment or negativity.

Here’s the thing; it’s completely possible to develop that. However, it’s almost impossible to do whilst you are still in the presence of those people with their criticism, their judgment. So the fact that that’s already making you feel worse about yourself means you have a vulnerability or wound which is very hard to heal.

My number one tip, if this relates to you, is to remove yourself from the people who have this impact on you. I don’t want you to go into hiding, removing yourself from the world, I want you to end up out there, shining bright, with cast iron confidence and self-esteem.

The 28-day Self-Esteem Reboot Challenge can help you get this result. We’ll pull back a bit, develop that sense of self-protection and self-esteem and get back out there. It’s completely free of charge. With a short video and exercise to do every single day for 28 days, the results can be profound. We had 300 people go through this process earlier this year and I’ve worked on it with hundreds more.

We’re going to be running this with a whole army of people who are in the same boat as you, who are committed to rebooting their self-esteem and confidence over 28 days. If that sounds good to you, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t, get yourself into the programme, completely free of charge. Let me take you through every single day for 28 days to reboot your self-esteem and confidence levels so that you can go back out into the world and be impervious to that kind of criticism, judgment and negativity.


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