Levelling Up: extreme business growth

Levelling Up: extreme business growth


It’s called levelling up because you will need to level up. If you need or want to grow your business in a small way there’s not a lot you need to change. You can just work a little bit harder, a little bit more efficiently. However, if you want to take your business through a big evolution, you’re going to have to take yourself through that process first and foremost – you are leading the way. If you don’t continually level up as an entrepreneur, you will eventually, inevitably, hit your own limitations based on your own past performance.

Your business has its own challenges and you’re going to have to continually level up the business itself. It will need to evolve. It will need continuous growth. However, what you don’t want is for you to become the limiting factor in that progression. You want to take you out of the equation. You’re laying the track for the train that is your business growth ahead of where your business currently is. If you don’t do that the track will run out. You will have to slow down and stop. You’ll be forced to confront what might be inner issues, doubts and fears and have to deal with overcoming those challenges before you can restart the train, laying new track as you go. In other words, you’ll lose all of your momentum.

When you want to grow your business fast – and we’ve got many years’ experience of doing this, both with our own business, and of course, with our members and clients – you need to maintain the momentum that you’ve created while growing your business. That’s why you need to keep levelling up ahead of your business. You do not want to be the weakest link in the performance of your business. You are your greatest asset but also the biggest liability to your business. You want to limit that liability so you can work on your business efficiently, effectively, productively, and can wring from it the absolute last of the potential that it has to offer.

Levelling up is about resolving your inner issues but also about taking on those external challenges. As this series of articles unfolds, you’ll start to see lots of content around such issues as challenging your pricing, your pricing strategy, your structures, the modelling that you’re running through your business. I’m also going to be interviewing some really high calibre business owners who have gone on the journey that you are currently on, sharing their experiences both with myself, but also with you.

Now, here’s the thing. Stepping up can be very challenging. Maybe you’re doing okay in your business. I don’t know where you are – maybe 50 or 60K, and you’re okay with that. It provides a basic lifestyle. Maybe you’re doing 100 or 200K and you’re starting to get a half decent lifestyle. Maybe you’re doing more than that. Wherever you’re at, I want to take you to the next level.

As you start to grow and face challenges – if you dare to take the challenge of extreme business growth – you will inevitably find it uncomfortable. What I mean is that there will be a degree of resistance in you. There may also be a degree of inertia in your business and those two things together will need overcoming. Achieving that may well require some education – there will be things you need to do better. There’s information you need to know about in order to face the challenge intelligently. Sometimes it’s going to need a little bit of brute force – you may just need to work a little bit harder or faster. You may need to dig in and grind it out for a while in order to take yourself to the next level and beyond.

Of course, your business journey is up to you. This is aimed at those business owners who are absolutely committed to growing their business. Therefore, some of what I say moving forward may be deemed challenging – it may be uncomfortable. However, if you are absolutely committed to your own journey of extreme growth, you need to hear what I’ve got to say.

As I said at the beginning, when the extraordinary becomes ordinary you know you’ve levelled up.


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