Put Money first

Put Money first


Making money can be the product of your business or it can be the by-product of your business, but it must be the focus of your business.

Many business owners put money low on their priority list. They start their business with higher values of purpose and giving great service. There’s nothing wrong with either of these values, in fact, I urge you to take these on if you don’t already possess them. I just want you to put money first. Not to the exclusion of everything else, just as the initial focus for your business. Getting the money right enables your business to deliver on your other values.

We were a struggling business failing to achieve more than £50K. I was working up to 80 hours a week, getting into debt and burning out. The first year I set the theme of putting ‘money first’, I transformed the business. I didn’t change any of my other core values if anything I doubled down on them. I simply put money first.

Today my business is more successful, and I help far more people than I ever did when I was putting money third, fourth or even last on my agenda. Try it for yourself, put money first for one year and I guarantee you’ll see a positive difference.


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