Outsource ASAP

Outsource ASAP

It’s important to free yourself to work on the specific areas of your business that you’re best placed to deliver, and which return the greatest financial rewards for effort and time.

Don’t try to do everything on your own. I know it sounds and feels bloody heroic to singlehandedly circumnavigate the globe, climb Everest, sail the oceans or grow your business, but it often ends in disaster. Business is a team sport, and you want to start getting your winning team in place as soon as possible.

Businesses with high levels of funding apply a very different growth strategy to your average small business. They put the team, structure, systems and processes, technology and infrastructure in place, then grow into them. Small businesses typically have to grow organically, which can be slow and laborious.

Make life easier on yourself by outsourcing intelligently. Initially outsource your low return/low-cost jobs, to allow yourself to put your efforts into high yield tasks. This includes getting a cleaner, gardener or housekeeper for home chores. Put the time you save into the greatest revenue-generating tasks, typically sales activities. As you grow, hire more expensive talent to plug the gaps in your game.


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