Once Your Mindset and Attitude Are in Place

Once Your Mindset and Attitude Are in Place


The right mindset and attitude are key ingredients for success. However, while the greatest mindset will ring the last drop of potential out of the weakest business model, it can’t perform miracles. A great mindset and approach need a great business model to deliver great results. Get these two elements in place, and you and your business will be rocking.

The business model I share contains 7 cogs. If you get the right cogs in place, your business model will thrive. The 7 cogs are:

Do the right thing

Do it the right way

Find the right customer

Set the right price

Create the right sales strategy

Work with the right people (employees, partners etc)

Implement the right systems and processes


Any weakness in any of these cogs will reduce the productivity of the model. Getting it right can take time; you’ll need to implement, take feedback, learn, innovate, implement and repeat. But spend time creating a robust model and you’ll have a robust, profitable business.


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