Money, money, money


Probably one of the most emotive topics in the business owner community. Especially at the moment with the mass uncertainty in the political, economic and social landscape that we are experiencing right now.  

The primary influencing factor on our ability to bring money in as a micro business isn't you having the greatest product and the greatest marketing strategy. The biggest influencing factor is the mindset and attitude that you're bringing to money in your business. Your business reflects you as a small business owner. It literally reflects you out into the marketplace. Which is both good and bad.  

The good news is that it reflects all the good stuff. The bad news is that it reflects all of your shit. And if you have challenges in your relationship with money, that is absolutely going to reflect from your business out into the market.  

So, addressing your mindset and attitude towards money is fundamental to you being successful in business - even more so, now, given what we're up against.  

If you already know you have problems with money, or your relationship with money is a bit flawed, you're halfway there. That's a big step forward in addressing the challenges. What we want to move away from are the energies around money that repel money. And this is the irony of the laws of the universe, if you like.  

But when we're in a place of desperation, which is hard - trust me, I've absolutely been there. I've put my mortgage on credit cards. I have nearly filed for bankruptcy. I've literally skimmed the bottom, so I absolutely know what it is like to be desperate for money. When we're in that place of perpetual desperation though, what happens is we’re just holding on to everything, so tightly. And what we end up doing inadvertently is putting out an energy that just literally repels any money from coming to us. Really bloody challenging when we're trying to bring money in.  

We really need to work on this mindset. And we need to start focusing on the energy of what we want to create, which is the energy of money coming in. If we focus on lack, we're going to perpetuate lack. If we focus on money coming in and the gratitude for money coming in, as bizarre as it may sound to you, I promise you that will start to shift things. Now, there are lots of ways to address money issues. There are lots of courses out there. There's lots of stuff you can do.  

The best and most efficient way, as a business owner, I’ve found to address this issue is to find an environment where it's okay to talk about it, to make sales, to bring money in, to be successful. That's the kind of environment that you want to find. And the quicker you find that environment for you, the quicker you're going to start drawing that information from that environment and creating shifts in your own mindset and attitude. I've seen it time and time again.  

It's not easy. It's not as though you walk in and, just by osmosis, it all comes in. It's not an easy thing to do. It's quite a challenging thing to do. But anything, where you're trying to create fast change, is challenging. So, for me, the environment is absolutely crucial to changing our attitude. Because once we see someone else with a different attitude, we can see what's possible. And once we start hanging around with more than one of those people it will absolutely start to shift our own energy, attitude, and mindset, which in turn will shift the result that we're getting in our business.  

I appreciate that is one tiny aspect of handling your relationship with money. However, it works. I've seen it time and time again. At the very least, what it will do is flush out any other problems that need to be dealt with. So, find an environment that helps you shift, quickly and efficiently, your attitude to money. 

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