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We’re increasingly living in an unsubstantiated ”Hell yeah, you can be anything” world. And whilst I love a bit of whoop-whoop, in the real world, most small businesses don’t even reach 6-figures (£100K) in annual revenue. So, let’s get real for a moment.

It’s rare to become a billionaire. Out of the 1542 billionaires worldwide, the United States has the majority of them with 563. That’s only 1 in 577,000 people. In the United Kingdom, we have only 55 billionaires amongst us, giving a probability of just
1 in 1.2 million that you’ll join their ranks. Your odds of making a million in your business are higher, but they’re still not great. I’m less bothered with the inane hollow chants of ”Hell yeah!” than I am with the huge numbers of small business owners struggling to get their businesses off the ground.

Dream of making billions by all means. But first make sure you’re putting the energy and commitment into driving your business to hit 5-figures, then go for 6-figures, and once you’ve hit that goal, then you can make 7-figures your target. The odds are against you becoming a billionaire. But 6-figures and multiple 6-figures, that’s open to everyone.

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