About BBB

About BBB

I’ve been asked a lot recently about what BBB is like, what it does, and what makes it different, so I wanted to share a little bit about us today.

BBB is a membership club for ambitious business owners.

At the heart is our Masterminds, where we build an entire infrastructure around our members to help them succeed, including:

✅ Goal setting audio programme
✅ Goal setting app
✅ Personal and entrepreneurial development content
✅ Live sessions
✅ Digital marketing and sales Q&A sessions
✅ Skills workshops
✅ Community
✅ Support

We celebrate with you when things are great and we support you when things are shit, moving you forward again as quickly as possible.

Our community is incredible – nearly 100 members, who receive real support from myself and my team who know you and care about you.

We are completely member-centric. Our focus is on helping our members achieve success.

If you need to be surrounded by a strong community of ambitious business owners, just like you, with support systems that are second to none, we have a workshop coming up that you might be interested in. Reach out to me, and let’s get you booked on.

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