Success Groups Plus Mastermind

We’ve just ran the first of our Mastermind sessions, which are normally in a room. We transferred them onto Zoom, like many other businesses. I didn’t realise just how nervous I was last night until we ran it today. 
Everybody showed up fully to help and support each other. The BBB community is as strong as ever, if not stronger at the moment.  In a world of uncertainty and madness, the positivity in the room today, and the willingness for people to show up and be there for each other is truly humbling. 
I’ve been trying not to cry, actually, most of today, just at the level of vulnerability, support, authenticity and honesty, and just the willingness to show up and support each other.
It was a far cry for all the doom and gloom. 
I have hope. 
Wha’s giving you a glimmer of hope at the moment? 

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