In this crazy world, routines keen me sane. 

They’re the anchor points that get me through each day.  

I’d go crazy without these…  

  • Stretching – opens everything up and helps you breathe 
  • Morning meditation – the one bit that I cannot live without. The thing that balances and grounds me.  
  • Dog walking – with my beautiful new puppy. I get connected with nature, that’s really important for me.  
  • Getting ready – Face and hair, which takes a little longer these days… 

And that’s just the morning.  

During the day, I try to either do yoga or have a nap. I’m a massive fan of naps. There’s a lot to be said for allowing the system to process half a day so that you can have more energy for the second half.  

And then in the evening, just before bed, journaling makes sense of the crazy day.  

Lastly, it’s daily gratitude – what three things am I really grateful for?  

So there it is.  Seems like a lot of work but without it I’m honestly nuts, so it’s essential.  

What are you routines?   

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