[Episode 04] Does the Past Have to Equal The Future? Podcast

Does the Past Have to Equal The Future? Can we change our fate? Can we change our fortunes? Is it possible for a leopard to really change its spots? Is all this personal development worth it, or are we just banging our heads against a wall, destined to live out the patterns of the past?

When I first got into personal development, I was a young man in my late teens. Despite having a pretty okay life, I often struggled to make sense of things and often found life to be a struggle. After reading many books, I bought into the possibility of creating change and that somehow I could be, do and have anything I wanted. I liked the idea of that much more than the concept that “people don’t change”. I had nothing to support my choice other than it seemed unfair that through random factors and chance experiences outside of my control, that my fate should be sealed.

So, are we all jus products of our environments fated to live out predestined lives that echo those that came before us? Does history have to repeat itself?

Fast-forward the many years I’ve been working in personal performance and self-improvement, and now knowing all I know about mindset, attitude, neuroscience, evolution, psychology and behaviour, I am far better equipped to answer those questions.

Can people really affect substantial change in themselves and their lives? Yes, they can, but most do not.

In this episode, I share why so many don’t create the change that’s possible for them and how you can break the traps of the past.

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