[Episode 58] Petulance And Controlling Your Inner Child – Podcast

What can we learn from the recent play school antics of the British Government? On how NOT to do it, plenty!

This episode is about you and your own secret, petulant side. The part of you that wants to throw a tantrum when it doesn’t get what it wants and stamp its feet in frustration. It’s the part of you, you should acknowledge but definitely not allowed to make decisions or control your behaviour. I talk about what you can learn from our leaders’ behaviours so that you can behave better, perform better and get better results.

I’ve kept quiet about Brexit until now, and whilst this episode is not politically motivated it is politically inspired by the behaviour of our own leaders and some of those overseas. I don’t mind which side of Brexit you sit and this podcast doesn’t support or vilify anyone’s beliefs or voting behaviour. However, I do reserve the right to bring into judgment some of the recent behaviours. Behaviours that would bury you and your business but which those in power seem to continually get away with.

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