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Want to ramp up your revenue, right now?

Join The BBB 28-Day Love Sales Challenge
This programme is for you if you don’t have a clear sales process, your sales activity is sporadic and inconsistent, and most importantly you need more money coming through the door.  
Perhaps you are reluctant to do sales activity, don’t know what to do, or are just plain avoiding it.
The programme is packed with daily coaching, inspirational insights, sales tips, and exercises designed to builds consistent habits of sales focus, massively impacting quantity of pro-active sales activity, and creating a complete shift in your attitude to sales. 
It’s a step-by-step, day-by-day instruction manual on what you need to do and how to approach sales to change the way you feel about it – forever. And for the average small service-based business, closing just a single extra client with what you learn will generate serious ROI
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What’s Included

• A beautifully written and illustrated programme in a book for you to keep

• An accompanying workbook for you to complete throughout the programme

• Weekly live Q&A session with George Swift – the programme author

• A WhatsApp group to share your progress and celebrate wins with others on the programme 

• A reminder sheet to keep you visually focussed

• Full programme instructions

• Daily emails to keep you on track

• Online bonus resources that you unlock as you move through the programme

Sales – the job you never did, never wanted and didn’t ask for!

Most small business owners find every reason to avoid sales.  But nothing has a more positive impact on your business – sales is the gateway to building the business you want. 

Sales – so much more than winning clients

Fully embracing sales will win you more clients and therefore increase your income.  But sales is so much more than that.  It’s about winning the right kind of work – the best projects, the most desirable clients – and charging your worth.

This is not sales training

This programme is like having a sales coach on your shoulder.  Every morning you are inspired to bring sales to the forefront of your mind, create habits around looking for new opportunities and to make sales a priority. 

Having worked with small service-based business owners for 15 years, we understand how difficult and scary it is to tackle the sales challenge.  The programme will push you outside your comfort zone but with compassion and understanding.   

The programme can be adapted based on your fear or ability levels.  You go at your own pace and you can make significant leaps forward starting with just 10 minutes a day!

We deliver this programme to your door!

The basic principles of sales are as old as time.  For this reason we believe there is value in you having  something physical to engage with in the real rather than just having something online where there is always a degree of separation. 

This programme physically brings sales into your workspace. 



'I'm really enjoying the structure that the sales challenge is bringing. I don't need to be fretting about sales all day, because I've done my bit for today and can crack on with implementation, knowing I'll follow up with that other client tomorrow.

It's making sales feel more part of 'real work' too, because I have dedicated time for it just like I dedicate time to implementation."

Thanks, BBB!


“By following the Sales Challenge last year, I was able to double my client base – it really works! I plan to do it again and really push it!

I don’t think I’d have had the growth, or the quality of clients, without the BBB Sales Challenge. It focussed me on looking for the people I want to work with, as opposed to just anyone.”


I have to say I’m astounded as to how much positivity, how many leads people are getting and how everyone seems to be really embracing the 28 sales challenge. Very inspiring stuff - and it’s only day 3!

Proposal just turned into my first sale in a loooong time! 🎉


The biggest change for me over the Sales Challenge has been a shift in my mentality to sales.

By putting ‘sales first’ and realising that it was my mindset that was holding me back, I’ve made some real changes both to my process and the number of proposals we are closing.

Loved this challenge!


It feel like this sales challenge has completely shifted my gears. Daily outreach, finding all the stuff under the rug I’d forgotten about, and getting core materials stood-up and finalized means I’ve entered that mystical plug-and-play realm atop the mountain where I have my ‘weekly class schedule’ setup that I just show-up for. ​

It’s the culmination of working towards the ‘simplified’ default day/week/month with all the invaluable BBB coaching and 1:1’s advice with all you experts in this community for the last year.

It’s a massive 🥂 moment to breathe and let the next phase begin!

Thank you all for helping me get over the fear of asking for help and not wanting to be a burden. It’s life-changing being here with you all.


“Before I did this programme I was terrified of sales. Now I love it! And the impact of that 28-day focus on my new business numbers is incredible.


“George’s sales challenges are hugely motivating and always deliver results for those who dive in. Not least because they focus your mind on developing the habit of proactive sales action. Sharing best practices and learnings along the way blends beautifully with the direction and materials provided to get you moving.

This is something every business owner needs.”


“George taught me the art of sales. Once I understood that selling was just reaching out to provide more people with the excellent service we offer, I transformed from a reluctant salesman into a passionate and creative one over the course of the 28-day sales challenges. Now sales is natural to me and the most important part of my business day.

Without George and the BBB crew behind me I wouldn’t have been able to scale my business from £120k to 1.2m in under 3 years. Thank you for your amazing support and inspiration!”


“Are you ready to unlock your full potential and elevate your business game? Look no further than the Love Sales Challenge.

This challenge isn’t just about making sales; it’s a testament to the transformative power of stepping up and embracing the art of selling.

George ignites a fire within, pushing participants to break barriers, shatter limitations, and reach new heights of success.”


“I wouldn’t say that I was sales-averse before, I’d just fallen out of the habit of doing proper sales activity. I’d end up doing lots of fun marketing, generate leads, and then not do enough with them.

The 28-Day Sales Challenge is amazing for breaking that cycle and getting you doing the things you should and need to be doing. It keeps you motivated and accountable, which is absolutely what I needed. Those behaviours form new habits and the habit change, well that’s been absolutely game changing for me. Even if you don’t see end results during the challenge, you absolutely will over time.”


“I’ve done the Love Sales Challenge a few times now and I’m not going to deny it’s hard work. The sales challenge makes you think outside the box. It challenges you, BUT... it gets results. Maybe not immediately. For me, three months after tends to be when I see the fruits of my labour.

So definitely give it a try – there’s nothing to lose, everything to gain.”


“Focusing on sales is a game changer. It can be hard to balance all the functions of the business and still find time to make sales the priority it needs to be to grow a successful business. I’m in the fortunate position of having a sales team now, but it wasn’t always that way. Growing my business was down to me.

George’s sales challenge brings sales to the forefront of your thinking. It changes your mindset and attitude towards sales and massively increases your sales activity – how can that not be a recipe for success?

Focusing on sales this way has allowed me to grow my businesses beyond anything I originally thought possible and was instrumental in us hitting 7-figures.”


“Like so many new business owners, I hadn’t really appreciated that sales is such a fundamental part of growing a business. I set up my company because I love what I do, but didn’t realise I’d need to become comfortable and good at sales along the way. Sounds silly now!

Thanks to the Love Sales Challenge and George’s coaching, I started to love the process and sales has become a part of what I do every day. If I couldn’t confidently sell my services, I wouldn’t have a business. For me it changed everything!”


“Participating in the 28-Day Sales Challenge is a game changer! So many of us business owners don’t like sales, and yet sales are the life blood of a business.

Through the sales challenge we really can switch our mindset around sales so that it becomes a very positive activity within our business.

Focusing on sales this way has allowed me to grow my businesses beyond anything I originally thought possible and wasIf you are a business owner, then I highly recommend you do this sales challenge - you’ll be so happy that you did!” instrumental in us hitting 7-figures.”


“It frustrates me so much to see business owners struggle through fear of selling. Sales is the lifeblood of every business and the sooner that fear is quashed, the better. One of George’s mantras is that ‘trust is the antidote to fear’. This is never truer than in our attitude to sales. Yes, there are processes, tools and skills to be learned, yet the most important skill to learn is a sales growth mindset.

Sales is not a dirty word. The place to start is to trust ourselves: trust that we are experts in our field and that we help our clients to be better in theirs. My mission is that every business owner can sell their value story with pride. This book will help you with that very thing.”

My mission is that every business owner can sell their value story with pride. This book will help you with that very thing.”

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