One of the toughest challenges to overcome when you start your business is knowing what advice is actually good advice.  Whilst this event might sound like every other event you’ve seen out there, let me explain why this online event is different.

1. This is the advice we wish we’d had when we set up!

2. It’s based on real experience having helped over 400 small business owners achieve success over 10 years and 2 recessions

3. It’s not theory from a book. It’s a well tested and proven plan to build the business you want

4. We only work with service-based businesses because this is the industry we know

5. We don’t hold back valuable information – you’ll get value from your first interaction with us

When we started our own business, we spent years implementing well-meaning but utterly nonsense advice for a business trying to get off the ground.  We wasted time, money and energy.

However, it was a lot of learning and it meant we could effectively prevent other people from making the same mistakes.

This virtual workshop is a no-nonsense first step to making sure you don’t make those mistakes.  It is packed with practical things you can do right now. Things that are tailored to getting a new business making money right from the early days, without killing the business owner! Everything is based on what we’ve learned over 10 years, working with over 400 small businesses to help them grow.

Spend time with us exploring the key areas you need to focus on to make your fledgling business a success right from the start. We’ll bust some of the biggest myths that hamper early-stage service businesses and lift the lid on how you can bring sales in quickly.   In our open Q&A we’ll tackle your personal challenges and questions.  This is a highly valuable day for a new service business.

22 February 2022

Online 9:30 – 14:30

£20 – We donate this entirely to charity

George Swift


  • Learn what it really takes to create a successful business.
  • Understand how to start in the right way and save yourself a heap of time, money and energy
  • Discover some of the most common pitfalls that’ll stop you from earning enough from your early days.
  • Learn which are the areas you really need to focus on to get revenue coming in fast.


  • What you need to focus on and what you need to drop to maximise your effectiveness and create income quickly
  • How to determine whether your business model can actually achieve the income you’re looking for and what to do if it doesn’t
  • The 8 traits you need to cultivate to build a profitable and successful business regardless of the economic climate
  • The 2 things you need for a solid business foundation
  • What’s your next step


We charge £20 for this workshop.   Here’s why we charge:

  • We want to make sure you show up and committed to getting value
  • We want to make sure you’re serious about starting a successful service business
  • We want the right calibre of person in the room so you can network with other like-minded businesses.
  • We always deliver value and insights that you can implement straight away to start generating your business in the right way.



“I am extremely impressed with George’s professionalism and his ability to deliver so much content in a few hours of the BBB ‘How to Successfully Launch Your Service Business’ Workshop. I found the workshop to be very relevant and thought-provoking in where I need my business to go next and how I will achieve this. I was really pleased with how well the workshop was coordinated by Tracey and the follow-up call afterward.

A true professional, I’d recommend George and the workshop to anyone starting out a new business for certain.”


Greg Mattey
GOAT Recruitment Ltd
Attended How to Successfully Launch Your Service Business 26 October 2021


“I recently attended the Bigger Brighter Bolder 1 day session on how to grow a service-based business. George clearly has credentials and, with his varied life experience, provides credible advice and guidance. He is a natural and real communicator but not overpowering meaning you can feel confident in opening up to him and him really listening. I am more than happy to recommend others to at least have a call with them – you’ve nothing to lose and only stand to gain from doing so.”


Owain Williams
Dremur Ltd
Attended How to Successfully Launch Your Service Business 9 September 2021


“The How To Successfully Launch Your Service Business workshop event that I attended was absolutely amazing!! I have been to a lot of business workshops and this was by far the best I’ve been to.”


Maxine K. Brown
The Floating VA
Attended How to Successfully Launch Your Service Business 26 October 2021
Amna Hasan Write it Up

“I remember thinking, gosh, I don’t know if I’m destined to be a business owner or this, that, and the other. It was a complete leap of faith to go, right, you know what? I need a coach, I need that community, I need somebody I can go to and ask the stupid questions and they will tell me they’re stupid questions and then tell me to get on with it. Or, you know, just snap out of it, just get on with it. I need that community…and I’ve really had that from BBB.

“I’m now at the point where I’m very clear on what I want to do, in some ways. I probably will look back at this period quite fondly and go, right, you know what? It allowed me to have that breathing space and actually forced me to commit to what I wanted to do.”

Amna Hasan

Brand Journalist

Write It Up

Jon Dennis - RED76

The biggest challenge Jon faced as a new business owner was a fear of the unknown. He was concerned about being completely on his own running the business and had a paralysis about decision making.

“I knew there was stuff I just didn’t know, but I had no idea what I didn’t know or how to find it out. I needed to be amongst similar size businesses but wanted somewhere where I could benefit from a variety of opinions and insight. I wanted to open my mind.

“BBB felt like somewhere I could get a huge amount of mentoring and insight without being tied to one mentor and being obliged to do it that one way.”

Jon Dennis

Chartered Accountant


Jon Davies

“BBB is an incredible community for business people and entrepreneurs. What makes them different though is that they put the individual first.

“George and Tracey (and their team) have created something very special here – it’s a place to grow and develop your business, as well as yourself, with help, support and guidance from a wonderful group of like-minded, like-hearted people. Every meeting is filled with inspirational material that helps drive you and your business forwards. The goal setting system is unlike anything I’ve come across and is, in itself, a game changer.

“Highly recommended to anyone looking to take more purposeful steps towards achieving their goals while being part of an uplifting and inspiring support group.”

Jon Davies

Garden Designer

London Glades

We’ve supported over 400 SME service-based businesses on their journey to building the business they want to run. We helped then and we can do the same for you. Discover their secret and find the simple path to start-up success.