Living The Dream

Living The Dream

Today, I want to share a true-life case study of a guy who is absolutely living his dream.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create the life that we want to create, whereas people who are aspiring to be movie stars or pop stars, for instance, don't even come close to having the opportunities that we have. We get to do what we want, when we want, the way we want. We get to choose our colleagues, we get to choose our clients, we get to choose our working environment – the conditions and our schedules. We have an unprecedented opportunity to create what I call entrepreneurial freedom. It gives us the life we want – the material life, the financial success, but also the emotional rewards that we need as well. We get to impact the world around us. There is no career or job like it.

I am passionate about inspiring people into entrepreneurism. I sometimes speak to young adults as part of youth enterprise schemes, aiming to inspire younger people to consider business ownership and entrepreneurship as a genuine career path from the beginning and today, I want to inspire you, the business owner, with a true-life example of just what is possible out there.

You might just be starting up your business, full of ambition, full of dreams, with an amazing vision for yourself, your life and your business. Perhaps you've been around a little bit longer and you’re feeling a bit jaded, struggling with the work ethic that you need to show up consistently in your business. Maybe you're getting tired - the big rewards have been elusive for you and now it feels like they're so far away. Perhaps you're somewhere in between those things. If you're really ambitious, this post is going to be a little bit of food, a little bit of fuel, to keep you highly motivated and inspired on your journey.

Today's shorter post is a case study of what's possible when you put in place the elements that I wrote about previously – the environment that you work in, the client base that you work with, your business environments, but also loving the day to day activity, the process of creating the achievement, rather than just enjoying the achievement.

Okay, so this is about a guy who always loved Porsche. He absolutely loved everything about Porsche – being in them, driving them – he loved, loved, loved Porsche.

He started off his career buying and selling old, dilapidated Porsches – and the 911 specifically. He'd find a 911, drive it around for a time, do it up a bit and sell it for a small profit. He couldn't afford his own Porsche at this point so what he did was create a very small business that enabled him to be around Porsche, drive Porsche, to just exist in his love of all things Porsche and his business started to grow. As it did, he started making a bit of money, buying nicer Porsches, until eventually, he was able to buy and sell a new Porsche!

In time, he ended up becoming one of the biggest, possibly the biggest, independent dealerships in the country. Early in his career, he approached Porsche about being a licensed dealer and was refused, but he got so big that Porsche came to him and asked him to be a licensed dealer, by which time he was in a position to say no thank you.

So, as I said, he ended up becoming one of the biggest independent dealers in the UK and continued to take his passion for Porsche further, starting to race and creating a race team and becoming the driver of that race team.

He achieved this end result because he applied the previous lessons from my last two posts. He loved his environment, so he'd already won right from the get-go. When he was buying and selling his first-ever Porsche, he was already winning because his dream was to be around Porsche. That love and passion for being around them meant that he stayed highly motivated for long enough that he could continue to grow that business, but his passion for them and his passion for the day to day activity of being around Porsche, meant that he has ended up living one of the most successful lives.

He's not the richest guy I've met but he is one of the most successful people I think you're ever going to come across because from the minute he started buying and selling Porsches, he was already winning, and that's what I want to get across today. What's your version of that? Because people do create it, people do live their dream.

If you were living your dream, what would it be? Tie in the lessons from the previous two articles to create an environment that you love, a market that you love, having the client base that you love and then loving the day to day activity of what you're doing, and it may end up taking you to this unbelievable outcome.

This freedom that you have as an entrepreneur doesn't exist across any other career path. What would your life look like in the future? Are you aligned with that now? He was already aligned with that when he sold his first-ever 911. Do you love what you're doing? Do you love your client base? Do you love the process of creating the success that you want in your business? If so, focus it on this unbelievable goal. Have a dream like this guy and work your arse off.

Maybe you think it’ll be hard work. I always say this: hard work is only hard work when it's hard work. Working your arse off for something you love does not feel like hard work. In fact, sometimes people feel like they're cheating when they have great success doing something which they love so much, even though they might be doing sixty, seventy, eighty hours a week.

I hope that today’s case study serves as an illustration of what is absolutely possible for you as an entrepreneur. Will many people achieve that? No, of course not. If it was easy, we'd all be living perfect dream lifestyles, but we can learn from people like this to give ourselves the best chance possible of living our dreams. First of all, have a dream, make sure you love the process of achieving and creating that dream, then the message of the last posts stands true. You’ve already won.

Until next time, as always, be successful.


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