Leap Ahead Of The Competition

Leap Ahead Of The Competition

Today, what I want to talk to you about is how can you leap ahead of your competition. It’s a mindset hack. If you apply it consistently it will have a massive impact on your personal performance, your personal growth, your business growth, and it will leave your old self and the rest of your competition in the dust.

Is this familiar? You don’t feel like doing something that you should be doing. You feel like backing out. You have doubts and fears and you allow them to get in the way of you taking the action that you need to take.

Every time you do one of those things when you wouldn't have done it normally, you are one step ahead of where you started from. Every time you feel this way, lean in instead of backing out. Step up instead of stepping away. Be brave when it would be easy to cower in the shadows. It's not easy to do consistently but when you have this little mindset check in your head – if I don't do it I'm exactly where I was before – if I do this I am one step further ahead – not only are you one step further ahead but you’re also one step ahead of all your competition who also felt like it was hard work and didn't do it.

Here's the thing you need to understand. I've been working with business owners now, through our Success Groups and Extreme Growth Masterminds, for 10 years. I've been in personal performance and personal empowerment for 25 years. I've been into personal development since I was 17 or 18 years old and one of the things that I understand is that we all share very similar issues. Some of our issues are unique to us but most are shared with many, many other people.

Let's take sales in business. One of the things I find is common to a lot of small business owners is this. You set up your business to do the job that you do, to provide a great service, delivering what it is that you love to deliver to your marketplace. If you're a recruiter, it's because you want to do recruitment. If you're a business coach, it's because you want to help business owners achieve their success. If you're a builder, you want to build houses. However, the one thing I've found rare amongst small business owners is a real love, desire or craving for sales. In fact, most small business owners absolutely do everything and anything they can to avoid doing sales. They bury themselves in marketing activity to hide away from sales.

These business owners sit down, crack their knuckles, open up their spreadsheets, spend an hour and a half getting ready to do their sales calls and then run out of time. They go networking and instead of networking with the proposition of actually trying to find clients and customers, they go and hang out with friends and have free coffee or a free breakfast, or sometimes an expensive coffee and expensive breakfast. I see this so often across the board with businesses. But here's the thing; every business owner I've ever worked with that's hit over a million pounds in revenue did it from the sales seat. They were a salesperson first and foremost. Now that's not what this article is about. I’ll probably do many full-length posts on sales. Today's message is really simple and we’re taking sales as an example because if you're a small business owner, the chances are you have resistance to sales.

You may hate it. You may hate being a salesperson. You might feel like you're being rude or obnoxious. Most small business owners have a degree of resistance and reticence to sales. I'm trying to be as polite as I can. I'm not accusing you of anything here, but if you're like most of the business owners that I come across, you are pathologically terrified of sales and therefore not selling to your full capabilities.

The good news is, as I’ve just said, the majority of small business owners, including those that are your direct competition, also hate sales. So, guess what? Every time you back away from sales, get distracted and find something else to do instead, every time you avoid sales for whatever reason, you're staying in the same place, at the same level as your competition. The moment you break that stalemate because even though you don't want to do it, you do it anyway, bam, you are one big step ahead of where you were and where the rest of your competition is, because they're not listening to this message. And if they are listening to this message, they're not heeding the advice and therefore, when they fear sales, when they doubt their abilities, when they feel like they don't want to do it, they don't do it. When you do, you take a massive leap ahead.

So my question to you here as you go into the weekend is this; what do you typically step away or lean away from, activity-wise, in your business, that you know you should be doing and would improve your business growth? I've mentioned sales, almost certainly that's one of them. Maybe it's working hard. Maybe it's a sacrifice. Maybe it's reinvesting money into your business instead of spending it. Ask yourself the question. Where are you leaning out when, if you were to lean in, you would take a big leap forward? Make a list of those things.

You can't do all of them, it would be massively overwhelming. You'd blow your own mind and it would be incredibly stressful. Instead, every single day I want you to do just one or two things that you would normally not have done because of fear, doubt, discomfort, hard work, boredom, or whatever else it might be. Do one or two things like that consistently over time and you will be so far ahead of where you are right now, you'll barely be able to recognise yourself. And your competition – who feels the same way as you do right now, with similar issues, who won't take the action? They'll be right back there as well.

It’s a little mindset hack. I'm not saying it's an easy thing to do but it is simple – every time you want to lean away from something you know you should be doing, for whatever reason, no matter how much you justify it, step up, take that action, no matter how small it is. You are one step closer to where you're going and one step further away from everybody else.



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