[Episode 09] Exist in Possibility

It’s essential to believe in what you want to achieve. I’m, committed to helping you first believe in the possibility of you achieving extreme business growth and then to go on to actually it. In this episode I share real life case studies of people who have gone on to create successful businesses from humble beginnings.

These aren’t success stories of people going from zero to billions but everyday success stories from everyday business owners who, through doing the right things and levelling up, have gone on to create the levels of success that I believe are available to everyone.

Liked the lady who went from £60k to £120k in 9 months. Or the lady that went from £1k over month in revenue to over £8k in 7 months. Another member of Success Groups and Extreme Mastermind took her humble £40k per year to over £100k and then to £160 and now is heading for £400k turnover.

This kind of extreme growth is, I believe, possible for you. I wanted you to hear about them, so you can believe in them, so you can go on to achieve them.


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Exist in Possibility

Today, I’m going to share a few case studies with you, and the reason I want to share them is because I want you to see the possibility. It’s so important that when we’re looking for extreme growth, or to achieve anything of any magnitude, we believe in the possibility of achieving that very thing. There’s no way, for example, that you’re ever going to get the health and the fitness you want if you don’t first believe in the possibility of achieving it. You’re never going to have the relationship that you want if you don’t first believe in the possibility of having it. 

And it’s the same thing regarding your finances and your business as a whole. If you don’t believe in the possibility of what your business can offer you, whether it’s lifestyle, finance, security, what you’re trying to do or the impact you’re trying to have on the world around you, you’ll never step up and take the action that you need to in order to actualize the possibility or potential that exists in you, the business owner, and in your business right now. 

Here’s case study number one. When this particular person joined us, she’d been in business for a number of years and was doing okay by most people’s standards. She was achieving about 60K with a pretty good lifestyle. She took the bait of extreme growth that I dangle at all my Success Groups, through my Masterminds, and ran with it, doing everything that she was meant to do, and literally transformed her business. She went from 60K to 120K, well within 12 months.  

What happened next was that she maxed her business model out. She was now working seven days a week – the finances were coming in but she had nowhere near the quality of life that she wanted. She needed to transform her business to take it up again to the next level. She took some time to reorganize her business model and also to work on her mindset and attitude towards herself and her business. She put those things in place – built those foundations – and levelled herself up, the business owner, and then levelled up the business itself by changing the business model. She was ready to go again. Right now, she’s going for multiple hundreds in turnover.

If you’re a 60K person relating to that story, doing quite well, you can hit 120K in a year. There’ll be a price to pay – shifting your mindset and perhaps your business model – then you’ll level up. It’s about levelling up all the time. Each time you max out your model, you regroup, lay the foundations and bang, off you go again for more extreme growth. 

My next case study is more recent than the last. This person came to us doing about £1,000 per month in her business. When she joined us, she wasn’t in a great place emotionally. We did a lot of work, initially around the mindset and emotional stuff. Then we started looking at the business model. Within seven months, she took her business to an annual six figures. She was hitting over £8,000 per month within seven months. That is extreme growth.

I’m not saying that you can go from 1 to 8.5K in seven months and not have growing pains. That’s delusional, right? You’re going to have growing pains, whether it’s the growing pains of the business or yourself as the entrepreneur behind it. But as long as you’re in an environment that supports you while you’re constantly levelling yourself up and levelling up your business, you can continually lay new foundations and move up to the next extreme growth phase. I’ve seen many businesses do this over and over again. 

And it’s not only female entrepreneurs, by any means. We had a guy who joined us and doubled his turnover in the first year. In the second year he doubled his turnover again, so that’s four times growth in two years. In that second year he also quadrupled the profitability of his business in the same period. And if you’re thinking this guy runs a small business, let me tell you, he now runs a multi-million-pound business.

This kind of extreme growth is not just for small businesses. You can continue to have extreme growth all the way through. We’ve had people that have gone from 150 to 350 to 750 to 1.5 million in consecutive years. From 1.5 million to 2 plus million and beyond. We’ve got a business that went from 1 million in turnover, and almost negligible profit, to £2 million with profit in five months. They’ve now got premises and expanded their operation.

Live in that possibility – live in the potential that your business has for extreme growth. If you’re doing 50K, you can hit 100K in 12 months or less. If you’re doing 100K, you can do 200K or more in the next 12 months. Even if you’re doing £1 million, you can do £2 million in the next 12 months or even less. Live in the possibility, embracing the potential in you, the business owner. You’re going to have to level up just as your business is going to have to keep levelling up. And as long as you keep doing so, you will continue to have extreme growth in your business. 

These people were no different to you. I really mean it. They won’t mind me saying this, but there’s nothing particularly special about them. However, what they’re doing is special because they’re doing what most people don’t do, which is to challenge themselves to keep levelling up. They’ve deliberately put themselves in our environment – in Success Groups and our Masterminds – to be challenged for that extreme growth. That’s the bit that does make them special. As individuals, and as business owners, they’re great at what they do, but I promise you, you could have the same results as well. 

Live in the potential. Live in the possibility of what’s out there for you.

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Until next time, as always, be successful.

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Until next time, as always, be successful.

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