[Episode 155] Sales Or Marketing – Podcast

The looming economic problems are creating a lot of uncertainty and doubt. If you’ve never ridden a recession as a business owner, you’ll be forgiven for being fearful. But what will it mean to you personally?

Recessions affect some a lot and a lot some. They’ll be those individuals and markets that are hit hard. They’ll be those who breeze through it and even find it easy to grow; they’ll be in the right sectors at the right time. For the rest of us, the majority of businesses, we’ll be affected to some degree. This shouldn’t scare you. You’ll most likely be okay.

The vast majority of individuals and businesses will survive. When we take our focus away from our worries and fears, and put it onto the right constructive, positive objectives and actions, those odds greatly increase. In fact, if you double down on the right activities there’s all the opportunity to continue to grow.

Have a great weekend, I’ll see you Monday. And, until then, be successful.

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