Dominate your success by eliminate your gaps in your game


Dominate your success by eliminate your gaps in your game

It can be scary to look honestly and authentically at yourself. When you do, you’ll see gaps. Gaps between who you are now and who you need to be to achieve what you want to achieve. Gaps between what you have and what you’d like to have. Between your health now and the health you’d like in the future. Between the relationship you’re in versus the one you’d like to be in. Between the business success you want and what you have now.

But it’s in these gaps that you’ll find the secrets to why you’re not achieving what you want to achieve.

Your gaps could include skills, knowledge, resources, systems and processes. But of most interest here are the gaps in you: your mindset, attitude and behaviours that are stopping you from achieving what you want and can achieve. You may have confidence gaps, self-esteem or worthiness gaps. You might lack passion, drive and motivation, or not have a clear vision. You may need an aspiration boost. You might be plagued by doubts or fears.

Once you get used to the process of looking for and into the gaps, it stops being scary and starts to feel exhilarating. A gap for me represents an opportunity to grow, to advance and to enhance life. I dare you to look at your gaps.

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