Dave Wilks

“We increased our monthly recovering revenue by 165% and doubled our new monthly business!”


“We build websites and get results for people digitally through Search Engine Optimisation, user experience, design, and the language we use. What makes us unique is how we deliver. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, we know how to speak to clients, and we don’t overcomplicate our service. Secondly, we have an attention to detail that sets us above the majority of agencies in our industry.”


Dave and his wife Lisa created Team Marvel in 2016 around the dining room table, with a desire to be different to other web design companies. Prior to Team Marvel, Dave was running his own businesses for 18 years. Dave is a self-confessed geek who loves solving problems and everything computer related.

Lisa's background is in training and customer service. They make a winning combination, and they have become the highest-rated agency in Newcastle.

Team Marvel joined BBB as a Scale Member in April 2021.



Before BBB, Team Marvel were starting to grow, but Dave's imposter syndrome was getting in the way of them scaling their business.

"Before BBB, financially we were running at just below £20k a month. The business was starting to grow, and we were winning bigger clients, but I was full of imposter syndrome. I thought I was the only business owner who didn’t have their shit together and I’ve always felt like I was blagging being in business. We would have small businesses come to us, who were at a similar level to us, but I would always assume they were better business people than me.

"The biggest thing for me was that I had built the business, and I knew we could grow it, but it felt like all the pressure was on me because of the imposter syndrome. I was overwhelmed by how many parts of the business I had to do – marketing, sales, proofreading, quality checking everything, finances – I was doing every part of it, yet I felt like I hadn’t mastered any of it.

“I was also still trying to micromanage the business at that point. I felt like I wasn’t a good boss to my team and I wasn’t a good leader. It’s hard work when you feel like everything you’re putting your hand to, you’re not good at.”

The imposter syndrome was stopping Team Marvel from creating a repeatable sales process.

“The biggest impact of the imposter syndrome on the business was the lack of sales. The more we grew, the more I felt like an imposter. I was going into sales calls feeling like I was blagging it, which was coming across in the calls.

“At that time, I didn’t understand our sales process. I knew I could close people once they were in front of me, but we had no real process. I’ve never been trained in sales, but I’ve just had to do it as part of growing a business.

“Our sales process was as simple as a business card being put in front of me saying, ‘This person is interested in a website.’ There was no structure.

“We lost a lot of sales because we weren’t following up properly, we weren’t talking to the client in the right way, I didn’t uncover their pain points and gather the right information. Everything was wrong with the process. I didn’t close as many deals as I could have done if I’d have gone in with the confidence I have now.”


Dave connected with Tracey through LinkedIn as he knew he needed some support.

“We had one phone call with Tracey and joined. We’ve had three different business coaches in the past, only one of whom had any impact, so I was aware of business coaches and what they could do, but BBB came across differently and Tracey asked more about our business.”

Dave and Lisa embraced everything BBB gave them. They showed up to every session, took copious notes and, most importantly, implemented. They showed up fully to goal setting. They were front and centre in the groups, maximising the potential of what was on offer.

“Every session we’ve had, I’ve made frantic notes and documented them. We’ve started implementing goals again.”

“The biggest thing for me was being in a meeting with a group of people who are all in the same position. The imposter syndrome disappeared really quickly."

“When people show up and share the negative things they’re dealing and struggling with, and that’s an area you’re not currently struggling with and you can help them, you realise you’re not the imposter that you thought you were, plus you start to see all the good areas you can build on in your business which were previously clouded by the imposter syndrome.”

BBB Masterminds help business owners get a different perspective on their challenges, and from there they can move forward. It’s an environment where members can share on a more personal level.

“Some months I’m buzzing in the session and other months I’ve been in tears. Seeing other people, who appear to have a successful business from the outside but are actually on the rollercoaster with you, helps you figure out it’s not just you. I can bring anything to the table, business or personal, and I am supported in the best way possible by a group of people who genuinely care. You can speak openly, with no judgement, whether you’re sharing a success or asking what you might feel is a daft question.”

BBB believes that what we focus on grows, and encourages the sharing and celebration of successes in the group. Our members are genuinely happy for their peers when they’re winning.

“It’s mad how much of a relationship you can build up over a screen - it’s such a good group of people. Being able to help your peers with their challenges is so good for the soul.”


BBB has helped Team Marvel conquer their imposter syndrome and, as a result, their business is thriving. The way they are talking to their clients now is completely different - talking on a business level rather than a website level.

Seeing and hearing the experiences of their peers from a more strategic perspective in the Mastermind, combined with implementing our training and advice, has enabled Team Marvel to help their clients with problems on a more strategic, in-depth level.

"We increased our monthly recovering revenue by 165% and doubled our new monthly business!”

“We’ve increased the size of our team from 8-12 staff.”

“The big difference for us as a business is our processes and how we now do business. We've changed the structure of the business and we talk about the business differently.”

“We’ve improved the way we talk to and manage our team.”

“The imposter syndrome has gone. I’m going into sales calls without any feelings of anxiousness or imposter syndrome. I’m going into that call knowing that, if we can help them, I’m going to be signing them up.”

“When we joined BBB, I knew we needed processes and more structure, and BBB has helped us implement that. We’ve applied SOPs to 95% of the business, and all our processes are organised in a process library helping our team know exactly what they are doing, how long it should take, and why they are doing it. It’s enabled us to scale and for me to step out of delivery and think more strategically.”

Before joining BBB I felt like I had created a monster that I needed to control, and now I don’t feel that way about the business.”

“Every meeting I take something away from.”

“If you’re serious about growing your business, and you’re looking to scale, and you’re struggling with how to do it, just speak to BBB.”

“Just join BBB.”

“If you’re serious about growing your business and you’re looking to scale and you’re struggling with how to do it, just speak to BBB.”

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