Looking towards 2024, starting the new year means not only setting ambitious goals but also using smart insights to plan ahead.

Through our discussions with clients running service-based businesses, turning between £100K – £700K in revenue, they have all encountered similar challenges whilst in the scaling phase of their business growth.

Some find themselves almost stagnant and plateaued, and some are losing sleep over cash flow worries. Many are realising that strategies that were once successful are now less effective, and others are seeing a gradual decrease in good quality leads and the added challenge of retaining their long term clients.

Recognising the demand for tailored support to navigate these challenges (and more), on the 27th of February, I am inviting you to join me for a Discovery Day where you will experience the power of a well-run Mastermind group. Here we will identify and work through these real-life challenges, whilst building motivation, and shifting your mindset into potential and possibility.

With only 12 limited spaces available, in a group of selected, like-minded business owners, this is an opportunity for you to work on your own business, whilst leveraging the skills, resources and knowledge of other industries and disciplines to solve problems.

This event has been expertly crafted for visionary owners of service-based businesses in the six-figure revenue bracket.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

27 FEBRUARY 2024


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