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George 7 Dec 2020

How to Hit £100K Workshop

Scope out the full potential of your business in just 4 hours and discover how to get there.


Scale Up Groups Discovery Day

Helping service-based businesses with a turnover of £100K – £500K scale up to the next level.

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Level Up Your Business Podcast

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  • I had somebody leave my workshop last week because they didn't like the swearing. That's okay, it happens, I'm not offended. …. but it did make me think about authenticity and how important it is. If you’re worried about putting your message out in a way that doesn't offend anyone, you may

  • If you're not familiar with the law of reciprocity, it's the basis that when I give something to you, you feel obliged to give something to me. And it exists. It absolutely does exist. It's a law - go and look it up.   If I give you something, you feel somewhere in you that you want to give me so

  • When we told a prospective BBB member how many of our members achieved 100% of their goals in 2020, they said, "Well, that shows me that these guys didn't set big goals."  Kinda got the hairs standing up on the back of my neck!

  • As a leader in your business, it’s up to you to make the hard decisions and take the tough actions. As nice people we don’t want our decision to negatively impact others but we need to focus on the greater good and follow our own agendas. Not everyone will be supportive in all you do. Most of all, anyone who is negatively impacted. My mantra for you, “Do what you need to do, with the highest intentions for all concerned, and let everyone else have their own experience”. What tough decisions are you putting off? What are you procrastinating on? In this episode, I challenge you to follow your goals and plans.

  • Ever watched a herd of deer get startled? The first perceives a threat and bolts, and the rest follow. This collective herd response is also prevalent in us humans. In a world of uncertainty and relentless fear messaging, what are the effects on us as a collective species? Can we really keep our cool when all around us are losing their heads? What are the impacts on our mindset and behaviours? In this episode, I share our collective response and the collective impact of fear and why it’s so important you protect yourself from it.

  • Before you nod off, this is a lesson in chemistry you’ll want to hear as it will boost your mood, help you be more productive and have a much better experience of life. Across the country and beyond, stress is high, moods are low and mojos are wavering. It’s been a tough ride through 2020 and into 2021. With spring and summer approaching we can hope for our moods to lift as the days get longer and warmer. But with so much uncertainty still weighing on us, relying on this might not be the best strategy. What can you do to manage your moods, be more productive and have a much better experience of life in general? In this episode I share the three key hormones responsible for governing your mood: Serotonin Oxytocin Dopamine Before you reach for the antidepressants or book an appoi