“We lost a lot of sales because we weren’t following up properly, we weren’t talking to the client in the right way, I didn’t uncover their pain points and gather the right information. Everything was wrong with the process.”

“We’ve applied Standard Operation Procesures to 95% of the business, and all our processes are organised in a process library helping our team know exactly what they are doing, how long it should take, and why they are doing it. It’s enabled us to scale and for me to step out of delivery and think more strategically.”

“We increased our monthly recovering revenue by 165% and doubled our new monthly business!”


“It really helped me a lot that in terms of setting the price.

I got very confident because I went through the entire process.”


“It’s given me the confidence to increase my prices by 50%…I had a bit of a wobble but stayed on track and kept them and it hasn’t made a difference in terms of people showing up so I’m picking up the right customers for me.”


“I now only take on clients that I like and want to work with and that are the right clients for us. I have the confidence to stand by my pricing structure, because we are a premium service and if someone doesn’t want to pay our prices, they are not the right client for us.”


“At BBB I’m learning new things, things I didn’t know after 20 years working in agencies.

“BBB has shown me the most effective and efficient way to approach sales. George and Tracey are brilliant at keeping things clear and simple.”