Ready to conquer your imposter syndrome? 

Imposter syndrome can take over your life. Those big doubts and fears can keep you awake at night worrying about what’s waiting for you in your inbox tomorrow or wondering when you’re going to be “found out”.

Yet, 89% of small business owners report having imposter syndrome.

So you’re not alone.


Be part of the 11%
Ready to conquer your imposter syndrome

If you want to find yourself in that 11% of small business owners who don’t feel imposter syndrome, then it’s time to take action.

Our free workbook will take you through six exercises that will help you reframe your imposter syndrome.

These proven methods are the first step to reducing your anxiety, regaining your confidence and getting a good night’s sleep.

Move your business to the next level

And when you conquer your imposter syndrome, it will filter through into every area of your life, including how successful your business can become.

We have 14 years’ experience helping service-based business owners – just like you – to conquer their imposter syndrome.

Let us help you build the life you want to live.

Are you ready to conquer your imposter syndrome?

Download 6 tips to conquer your imposter syndrome


Dave Wilks Team Marvel

Dave Wilks

Team Marvel

“Every session we’ve had, I’ve made frantic notes and documented them. We’ve started implementing goals again. The biggest thing for me was being in a meeting with a group of people who are all in the same position. The imposter syndrome disappeared really quickly.”

Marco Felicio


“You come out of someone else’s business and there’s mental luggage, some good, some bad. I needed support to get out of the shadow of working for someone else and become my own person. BBB has supported me with my mindset and allowed me to just be Marco.”

About BBB

Bigger Brighter Bolder is a membership organisation that’s had a measurable, proven and positive effect on business growth for 9 out of 10 of its members.

We’re a one-stop shop, offering a complete toolkit to build the business you want to run, and boost your earnings. You enjoy all the benefits of courses, books, peer group support and coaching, for a fraction of the cost of doing these things individually.

The BBB team is led by George Swift and Tracey Miller who between them offer a 20-year track record of building small businesses into more fulfilling, more profitable and more owner-friendly organisations.

Download 6 tips to conquer your imposter syndrome
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