Highlights March 2024

Highlights March 2024

Love hearing all the successes of our members each month and this month is no different. 

Some exceptional wins to share and this is only a selection.

Highlights February 2024

‘It’s really the authenticity of everyone in the group and it’s given me permission to be the same way.And it’s really good. I really appreciate you being in this group.’

Highlights August 2023

Highlights August 2023

This is the remarkable community that we have created at BBB, and our members are thriving in a supportive community that helps them build the business they want.

Highlights June 2023

Highlights August 2023

As people, we thrive in groups.

You need a group that understands what you’re going through, keeps you motivated, somewhere to share your successes and your lows.

A safe place for you to be vulnerable and go and get advice on issues.

That is what we are for our members.

Highlights May 2023

Sometimes we just need some support. The support of knowing we aren’t alone; and that we aren’t the only ones going through these problems. Having support can make a massive difference to our success. These clips from the recent session show just that. If you need a supportive community to help you grow your business then join our […]

Highlights April 2023

April Highlights 2023

This little video brings me joy. These BBB members are set and ready to kick arse in Q2.

Highlights March 2023

March Highlights

Check out our members awesome highlights and achievements for March! These videos showcase the importance of having a community of like-minded business owners.