“If I continue to hit my targets, I’ll be on track to hit £150k-£170k by the end of this financial year."

Leftfield Agency

“If I continue to hit my targets, I’ll be on track to hit £150k-£170k by the end of this financial year."

Leftfield is a digital marketing agency working within the B2B sector, specifically focussed on account-based marketing. Leftfield help businesses work with and market to their most valuable clients, by building strong rapport through marketing in the early stages with effective 1:1 relationship development.

Marco Felicio

Marco’s marketing agency career began in 2001. By 2019, he was the Head of Strategy, the ‘go-to pitch guy’, and he loved winning. In 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Marco became home-based, and he began to think about what running his own marketing agency might look like. Alongside his full-time position, he started Leftfield and won his first client. When the world began to open up again, Marco decided to leave his position and pursue Leftfield full-time.

Marco joined BBB for our Success Groups Launch programme in June 2022 and graduated to become a Build Member and continue his business growth.

The Challenge

Marco knew what his business was going to be and do, but he knew he needed support. Having stepped out of a creative, interactive environment at the agency to work solo, Marco also wanted to find his own network. He joined the BBB Launch programme and graduated to Success Groups Build.

“BBB gave me my new network, a new family to work with. Somewhere I can just be with people doing the same thing and not feel isolated.

“The Launch Programme was a brilliant process to go through. I go back and revisit my learnings regularly – it was packed with information.”

Marco specifically needed support with sales and appreciated BBB’s simple approach to learning.

“At BBB I'm learning new things, things I didn’t know after 20 years working in agencies.

“BBB has shown me the most effective and efficient way to approach sales. George and Tracey are brilliant at keeping things clear and simple - this is what’s keeping me in BBB.”

Imposter Syndrome was another problem Marco faced before joining BBB. Having worked for other people for so many years, it was daunting to go it alone.

“You come out of someone else's business and there’s mental luggage, some good, some bad. I needed support to get out of the shadow of working for someone else and become my own person. BBB has supported me with my mindset and allowed me to just be Marco.”

“The journey has been amazing. Speaking with people and learning from those that have been there and done that has been really good.

“Having the BBB sessions in place helps me find breathing space, and every time I jump on a BBB session, I learn something new.

“I’ve been able to set targets that I want to hit ... and hit them!”

The Result

Since joining BBB, Marco has smashed through the VAT threshold and is comfortably turning over £120k! He's also laying down solid foundations to scale.

“If I continue to hit my targets, I’ll be on track to hit £150k-£170k by the end of this financial year. It’s way better than where I expected to be.

“By the end of this year, I’m looking to hire a Project Manager to free up my time to focus on shifting gear in the business.

“I don’t struggle with motivation at all anymore. I wake up at 5am to go to the gym, I’ve gained mental and physical discipline and I’m always looking for the best way to do things.

“When I started Launch, I couldn’t say what I did, I couldn’t articulate what my offering was, but now I’ve been through the process and into Build, I know exactly what I’m doing, This next year is the year I’m going to build the business I want - I could easily have spent 5 years doing the wrong thing.

Marco's advice to anyone who is considering joining BBB.

“The BBB Launch Programme gives you a reliable framework that works for any service-based business. It’s an effective filter that you can place over your business to help you understand your strengths and gaps. It helps you to see the next steps. This gave me a lot of confidence that BBB was right for me and staying with them was a very easy decision for me.

“BBB is my secret weapon!”

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