Kim Hughes
"I have increased my day rate by 30% since joining BBB and we are ready to go again "

"I've launched, built and scaled my £100k business with BBB in 18 months"


Goldings Communications is a PR and reputation management partner that specialises in organisations making a social or environmental impact.

Goldings Communications have years of collective experience supporting charities, social housing, education and ambitious, fast-growing B2B businesses that create change for people or the planet - ESG and CSR-minded individuals, companies or groups where giving back is just as important as making a profit.

Goldings Communications four key services - targeted media relations, awards submissions, crisis communications and strategic storytelling - help you raise your profile and communicate more effectively with your stakeholders, from your customers and clients to your employees, suppliers and even other industry experts.

Their key services span consultancy and strategy, to delivery and measurement - with tailored project or retainer options to suit your specific needs.


With more than 20 years of experience in PR, communications and journalism, Kim knows how important it is to have all the right structures in place - robust specialist systems, efficient processes, and her own strong brand.

After completing the BBB Launch Programme in July 2021, Kim joined BBB as a Build member to further her business growth. In October 2022, Kim graduated to become a BBB Scale member, which is for our members turning over £100k+.


Kim worried about making obvious mistakes and wasting time early in business. She wanted to find a solution where she would be supported along the way.

"I wanted something that would propel me to where I wanted to be faster so that I wasn't wasting time and figuring things out the hard way.

"I definitely needed some stability in the early stages, or at least some support when the peaks and troughs arrived.

"I looked at various business coaching options including 121 coaching but quickly learnt that the power and benefit of group coaching should not be underestimated!"

Kim joined BBB's extensive Launch programme which fast-tracked her business and gave her the community support she had hoped for.

“The Launch programme took me to where I wanted to be and everything I learnt along the way has been of great value. I love being part of a community where everyone supports each other and it’s inspiring to see other like-minded business owners getting the rewards and what they deserve knowing we can follow that path.

"The content, sessions and group are super-energising and there’s so much to take away and implement. The timing of sessions is perfect as you get a hit just as the boost starts to wear off. It’s like an accountability kick up the bum mixed with a shot of high-energy enthusiasm".

Kim has spent 18 months at BBB and her challenge has evolved with the growing speed of the business. During Kim's entrepreneurial journey with BBB and she has mastered her sales and delivery process.

Now that Kim has built her business, her challenge is creating the systems, processes and stability that support a rapidly growing business.

"I need BBB now to support me with the maturity of the business. I need to stabilise the growth, which is why I'm so excited to join Scale.

"I love sales, which wasn't me at all before BBB. There was a definite turning point where I realised I needed to focus more on sales. There was a mindset shift where everything became about growing the business. This was when things really changed and BBB was instrumental in that."


Kim has embraced everything that BBB has to offer. Her confidence has grown hugely and she's been surprised by the results she has achieved in such a short amount of time.

“Know your worth - this advice has been instrumental in me driving the business results I wanted. I now know how and where I deliver for our clients best, talk to the client with much more confidence and certainty about how I can help them and lead that conversation as the expert.

"Thanks to BBB, I am now much more assertive and will stand firm on pricing with clients. I won't offer discounts when challenged which is something I used to struggle with."

Kim has seen a lot of changes in herself since joining BBB. She is continually impressed by the content being delivered and the thought and care BBB gives its members.

“I would highly recommend BBB to anyone considering business coaching, I have been truly amazed by the results and the change I have seen in myself over the last few months.

“BBB is really person centred – there’s a lot of thought and care put into what they do and you can see that they are continuing to invest to make sure they offer the maximum product for their members. They are always willing to adapt to accommodate their members and offer help wherever they can.

"The content is fabulous, you not only get BBB, they call in connections who compliment their overall message and provide technical specialities to help businesses grow."

Kim's persistence and dedication to taking advantage of everything offered to her at BBB has allowed her to rapidly grow her business in 18 months. Kim can already see the evolution of the next stage of her business.

"I've mapped out my structure already for when I grow again. I'm taking on my first member of staff now, but if I continue at this trajectory I will need to hire more staff very quickly.

“ My mindset has shifted from pricing per day into project-based pricing, It's now about finding efficient systems and processes. I can't wait for scale!

"I don't even recognise myself anymore. There are conversations that I have now that still surprise me.

“There has been a real mindset shift. Now I know my worth, I'm having fewer doubts about myself and I know I can deliver these large projects."

“BBB has changed my life and made me realise anything is possible.”

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