Within 1 year of working with BBB we learnt the skills and organisation to develop the business into one of London’s leading gardening companies.


With over 15 years experience as a gardener and designer, Jon is passionate about connecting people and nature. He works on domestic and public space design while growing his team in and around London.

Jon started out as a musician in his 20s, he then went on to channel his creativity into gardening which helped him to provide more stability for the family and still be his creative self. He became a self-employed gardener straight from University after realising that he could work better as his own boss and has never looked back.

“I’m competitive and I like seeing, feeding, and thriving off of others' energy and passion”


Before Jon joined BBB he was struggling with financial challenges and didn’t fully understand how a business worked.

“I was very much living hand to mouth, I felt like an artist trying to survive. I also suffered with a worrying health problem and was in a bad way. I realised that the stress around the business was intensifying that and also if I didn’t make my business more successful, I’d have nothing to provide my family with”.

It got more challenging for Jon as time went by and he soon realised it was time for change.

“I was at death’s door and I needed financial stability. I found out about BBB at exactly the right time. I needed the wisdom, guidance, experience and structure that George, Tracey and the BBB community could help me with.

“Pre BBB, I was so pissed off from doing shows and spending loads of money, which was frustrating as I was giving so much and getting nothing back. I needed to take away the ego and become more commercially focussed…”

In June 2019, Jon joined BBB.


“I’m now working harder and stronger…”

Jon has embraced everything that BBB has to offer. The goal setting strategy has been fundamental to turning his business around.

“It’s helped me connect with the long-term vision and then put in place the framework to help me reach and get closer to my bigger goals every day. Goals are also incredible for your mental health; it keeps you moving forward and gives you something to focus on every day and a sense of achievement when you have done it. For me a lack of goal setting creates waywardness".

Jon has soaked up the BBB culture and is now seeing huge benefits to his business.

“I’ve set up an entirely new income strand through being with BBB. Gold & Wild came from George giving me some direct and much needed advice that I needed to stop fucking about with vanity projects and actually get some money coming in. Setting up Gold & Wild has created some real business health. I now have a larger workforce, more and better calibre clients and more interesting work. Most importantly, it has given me some financially stability which in turn frees up my creativity".

“My revenue has doubled within 1 year and I now have a strong clear forecast of real growth in the business".

"2 years ago, before BBB I was all about the art, vibe and culture. Now I have a real passion for sales and earning money, I can clearly see my roadmap to success. I’ve always had a strong belief that I would be successful, but I didn’t know how it was going to happen, now I have the vision of how that’s going to happen and that comes from what I’ve learned at BBB".

During his time with BBB, Jon has gained a huge amount of confidence, drive and determination which has set him up for continued success and business growth.

“I now sleep at night! Previous. to BBB, my unconscious stress levels were massive. I’d wake up and the first thing I’d feel was dread. I’m now working harder and stronger, but I’m calmer and more focussed and I’m definitely more confident".

"I have stepped up in all areas...we’ve planted a great seed for our future success".

"During 2020 BBB has been an absolute rock of support. The BBB community has come into its own and I knew the advice and guidance I needed was there with Members hosting skills workshops about Bounce Back Loans and George giving his passioned and wise advice, keeping us all focused and moving forward".

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