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Different to other recruitment companies, Jayne works to become a respected business partnership with her clients to find recruitment solutions that work. Her experience brings a superior ability to match individuals and skills to the company and the role.

Better People is a recruitment business employing 2 people. Specialising in sourcing candidates for owner managed businesses who know that bringing the right people into their business is what’s going to help them achieve their growth goals. Better People cover everything from helping with the right job description, post hire, salary banding, benefits package, interview scripts, client interviews and an advisory service for onboarding.


Jayne set up Better People Ltd 8 years ago. Despite the years of experience in her field, like many business owners Jayne would have long periods of doubt about her ability to create a successful business and subsequently get distracted from her goals.

“I had many peaks and troughs and always had one eye on the permanent job market, just in case. Even though my business was growing I never really felt successful.”

Jayne has now been with BBB for 8 years.

“Before BBB I was struggling with self-esteem issues, I was limiting possibility and lacked confidence and did not have the right mindset.”

“I joined BBB to solve all those issues, to get a feel of community, obtain shared accountability, mutual respect and mentors.”

Jayne saw immediate successes in her early years with BBB including a 45% increase in revenue and 30% increase in repeat business.

However, 3 years ago, having really established her business, Jayne’s business partnership unfortunately broke down and in 2017. Jayne found herself in the position of having to build her business back up again, but this time on her own. With the support of BBB, Jayne did this, and she did this quickly.

“I got back up and running quickly. I was ready to throw the towel in, but BBB and the group showed me how to deal with it properly.”


“Had it not have been from the support of BBB I wouldn’t have my business now.”

In 2019, Jayne’s business was back and running at £160K.

“In my early stages, BBB helped me to grow my business to £4- 5k a month. More recently they have supported me through a business partnership breakdown, and have helped me rebuild a fully viable business employing 3 people, I’m now a £160K business!”

“I’ve got a huge amount of direct business from the BBB members from being able to share my expertise in the room I have built trust for people to work with me. It’s given me real insight that just because someone is successful at one thing, I’m successful at my thing.”

“BBB provide Incredible emotional support. The group are there for you professionally and personally. You’re allowed to be human and share vulnerability.I feel like I could be open about anything, however awful and embarrassing.”

“George Swift is so dynamic and informed. If you’re building a business, you need to be with BBB.”

“Everyone wants everyone to win – there’s a shared ambition and a shared intention”.

“I’ve got so many ideas and inspiration. It’s opened up opportunities and spawned innovation in my business. There is so much knowledge sharing. Without being in a room with those people I wouldn’t be the person I am today – it’s inspiring, humbling and motivating.”

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