Being with BBB has really supported my personal development. It helped with confidence and more critically resilience.

"I'm on track for my target of doubling my turnover from last year, which is something I never thought I could reach before I joined BBB."


Web Goddess is all about Web Design and SEO done differently. The Company was born from a frustration about what’s wrong in the world of website design and SEO, and a need for change. Their mission is to ensure that website design and SEO are as transparent and accessible as possible. By educating their clients at every step of the process, they arm them against the underhanded techniques that Web Goddess is determined to stamp out.

Web Goddess has worked with many small businesses across the UK and beyond, to build and rescue their websites or demystify SEO. Web Goddess has made their mark as a website whisperer, offering an honest and authentic approach with training that empowers the business owners to love their website. Their approach has allowed them to stand out in the market through really listening to the clients and creating a solution suited to their needs, giving their clients the ability to take control of their own assets.


Holly started Web Goddess in 2014, having fallen into the IT world in 2001 and been a self-employed IT consultant since 2003.

At the beginning, Holly was running Web Goddess alongside a holistic business. Then, at the start of the pandemic, she decided to focus her efforts solely on her passion for websites. Her mission: to become known for disrupting the website industry - and disrupting it in a way that empowers business owners to take control of their own assets.


Holly's business grew quickly, however, at the same time she was trying to rapidly put the building blocks in place to help her build her business on solid foundations.

"It sort of took off, and then I thought, oh my god, what am I going to do with this? Because it was becoming its own success, and I was struggling.

"I have my own mentoring and coaching programme for people who are really starting out with the tech side of things, but I needed the same for me - but at my level.

"BBB came along at the right time really, just when I knew I needed someone to kick me up the butt."

Holly’s first experience of BBB was at a Taster Workshop and instantly it was a no-brainer. She needed to be a part of the community.

"I was extremely ill on the day of the workshop. However, I hung around, and the first thing I noticed was that you're very honest, and I love that because it was the things I needed to hear.

"My attention was kept throughout the whole workshop, even though I felt like death warmed up. That, to me, was just a no-brainer right there."

The thing that attracted Holly to BBB was the mix of mentoring and the supportive network that BBB has to offer.

"It's such great mentoring from both Tracey and George. That absolutely resonates because they've been there and done it, so they get it, and there is no judgement and I absolutely love that. It's a very, very supportive group! I'm always learning, but it's the connection as well with other businesses owners who are doing the same as me. We're all aiming for that high achievement. And that makes a massive difference when you're surrounding yourself with the right people. So it's non-negotiable in my diary! I also think the way that BBB manage it is also something I aspire to in my own business.

"You have no excuse for not showing up."


Holly has embraced everything that BBB has to offer her and has really been impressed with the results that she is achieving through her increased confidence and change of mindset.

"It's given me the confidence to increase my prices by 50%... I had a bit of a wobble but stayed on track and kept them and it hasn't made a difference in terms of people showing up, so I'm picking up the right customers for me.

"I'm so much more invested in what I do, because I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of but I'm more confident in selling. Before BBB I had this really bad relationship with selling. But now I am so stoked for the next sales challenge because that keeps me on track. So yeah, sales challenges... Love them!"

Holly has found the supportive and group environment in BBB a huge motivator.

"You sort of get to that sigh of relief that it's okay to be where you are. It's okay to have wobbles. Everyone has good and bad days, but we're in it together. We're each part of everyone’s success."

Holly's business is thriving now that she has joined BBB.

"Joining BBB is a no-brainer. If you're going to invest in yourself and you're going to invest in your business, this is the way to go and you know what? I'll sing from the rooftops about it too.

"You won't find a more supportive network of people. I aspire absolutely to have BBB's level of customer service. It's just heartfelt and completely honest. And that is rare!"

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