You Have To Love All You Do

You Have To Love All You Do

Today’s content is very close to my heart. It’s all about making sure that you are in inspired and motivated on a day to day basis so that you can survive and go the distance. The truth of the matter is, success is a long game. You’re not going to be successful because you’re highly motivated for a day or for a week or even for a year or two. You need to be highly motivated day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. And, for really big success, decade after decade.  

To stay motivated, you must love what it is that you are doing day to day. I want you to have ambitious, long term goals. Those big dreams that we yearn for are really high motivators, they’re pulling us forward. They’re making us continually get up and get going. However, they are, by their very nature, ahead in the distance. And therefore, motivation can fail us when the rewards and the payoff feel potentially so far away.

If you are motivated and inspired by the day to day activity that you perform in your business, you will consistently be rewarded in a way that keeps you showing up, turning up time after time. It will massively impact your productivity and your personal performance. And, of course, your motivation will have a massively positive effect on the success that you are creating. So today, what we’re talking about is loving the hell out of everything that you do.

The process for getting there must be as rewarding as the achievement of the goal itself. The goal is the trophy, the status we’re working towards. That’s powerful motivation. However, we need to love the process of getting there. If we don’t love the process, we’ll never be inspired or motivated long enough to achieve the goal. If you’re in this game just for the outcome, I’m telling you now, you’ll probably never see it.

If you’re trying to lose weight just to get to the end goal where you wear the bikini you want or get in the dress or suit you want,  if you’re working on your health and fitness just to get to that goal, you’ll probably never get to that goal. The people who get to have it are the people that love the process of getting there. They love the gym, they love the discipline, the focus. They love the exercise, they love sweating. Does this make sense? I once had a client who wanted to lose weight, to get fit and healthy, but said she didn’t like sweating. I knew straight away she was going to struggle. People who are fit love to sweat, they enjoy the sweat, they’re rewarded by the sweat. And that’s why they continually show up and keep sweating.

I’m going to labour this point to death today. I know you’re going to get it very quickly but I’m not just speaking to you, it’s your unconscious mind I want to get to. But I also want to keep hitting this home because I want you to take action from today’s content. I don’t want you to listen to this and just think, that George guy, he’s really smart and interesting. (Please think that anyway 😊.) I want you to do something with what I’m sharing today. I want to help transform your life today – make it much more enjoyable. But I also want that to lead to a much more rewarding future. I want you to hit the goals that you’re setting for yourself. So, in order to get there – the outcome, the goal, the achievement – you need to enjoy the getting there. Does this make sense?

You hear people say that life is about the journey not the destination. Well it’s both of those things. Goals are the same. Goals are about the journey and the destination. It’s the two things, hand in hand. If I’m just aimlessly wandering around my life, I don’t feel particularly purposeful. If I’m aiming towards a really powerful goal – a really big dream or vision that inspires me – I feel purposeful, I feel meaningful. It gives purpose and meaning to my activity. But if I’m thinking I can defer feeling successful or good about my life or defer enjoying my life until I achieve this goal, firstly, what a waste of life! And secondly, as I said before, I’m probably not going to be motivated or inspired enough to achieve it.

So, let’s have a look at this. You set up your business to do what it is that you do. If you’re a coach, you started your business so that you could coach. If you’re a private tutor, you set up your business so that you could tutor people. If you’re a dog groomer, you set up your business to groom dogs. If you’re an accountant, you set up your business to do people’s accounts. Perhaps you also had ambitions for freedom, the lifestyle and the money. They’re the deferred rewards, they’re what you’re working towards for the future.

However, fundamentally, most business owners set their businesses up to do what it is that they do. And they love what they do. If you don’t love the main service you’re providing in business, you’re really in the wrong business. If you’re an accountant but you hate accountancy, you’re never going to be successful. You’re probably not that happy either. If you’re a coach but you don’t like coaching, forget it. You need to find something else. I’m working on the presupposition that you do love the majority of what it is that you actually do in your business. If you don’t, you definitely need to do a little bit of re-evaluation because you’re probably in the wrong game.

You and I are entrepreneurs. We have an amazing degree of entrepreneurial freedom to do what we want for who we want the way we want and when we want. And we have amazing freedom there. So why would we settle for being in the business of delivering a product or service that we don’t enjoy, that’d be crazy, right? That’s what people do when they work for other people. They do shit they don’t like. They do things they don’t enjoy. They’re working for people they don’t necessarily get along with. That’s what you do when you work for someone else. When you’re the boss, when you run the business, you shouldn’t be sacrificing any of those things.

I’m going to start from the presupposition that you do love what your business delivers. (If that’s not true for you, you’ve got other problems you need to go and solve first and foremost.) The next thing is to acknowledge that there may be a lot around your business that you don’t love doing. If you’re just starting out in business, this content is really valuable. If you’ve been around in business a little while longer, it’s still valuable as you need to come back and re-evaluate all this stuff because we’re evolving. This whole series of blogs is about levelling up and every time you level up, you’re evolving. When you evolve, your business evolves. And as you evolve, the rules can change.

When you start up a business, you start out because you love what you do and you’re passionate about helping people. For your business to grow, however, there’s a shit load of other jobs that you may not have signed up for, but you need to do in order to make your business more successful. Some of them may excite you, some of them may inspire you, but a lot of them won’t. You’re an accountant because you want to do accountancy but now, you’re having to do sales or networking. Maybe you’re a coach but you’re also expected to do social media stuff, marketing and sales. There are a lot of other activities in your business.

You’re a salesperson. You love sales so you set up a business to sell products and services and then you find yourself also having to do marketing or finance. There are a lot of tasks that you need to do. The small business owner typically has to do the majority of them. As you grow, you get to outsource or hire people in. You can start to offload some of those other tasks. However, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, there’s probably a portion of stuff that you love and another that you don’t love. And the stuff you don’t love is the stuff that’s not happening, even though it’s integral to the growth of your business. I’m betting that sounds familiar to you.

Here’s the thing. I’m not going to be unrealistic here. I’m not saying you have to love every single aspect. If you love even 80% of what you do, that’s probably enough to stay highly motivated and inspired. There’s no reason not to go for 100%, but ultimately, if you love 80% of what you do, you’re doing pretty well. You do the other 20% anyway, even though you don’t enjoy it, because it has to be done. Maybe you do it initially then outsource it or hire someone in to do it for you. But if you’re not liking 50% of what you need to do, it goes hand in hand that you’re not going to be having a great time, and that goes hand in hand with not being productive in your business, which can only lead to you not being successful in business. Therefore, whilst it might sound fluffy to say you should love what you do, it is an integral part of personal performance and also business success. So, if you love 80% or more, you’re doing okay.

The chances are, however, that the 20% which you don’t love doing is really important to your business growth. It’s like sales for example. When you started your business, you might not have signed up for the sales aspect. The problem is that sales is probably the most important activity you can do to grow your business and if sales falls in your 20%, I would really urge you to pull it out of the shadows and fall in love with it. Find a way of loving sales. If you love sales, you will be successful. This is the only guarantee I can give any business owner.

Sales is such an integral part of business growth and your long-term success. You may have to change the product. You may have to change the service. You might have to play around with which clients you serve. There may be all kinds of things you need to fix, but fundamentally, if you love sales you will inevitably, eventually be successful because this is what ultimately drives success.

For example, actors understand that acting is a career and a job which requires more than just acting. But people watch actors at the Oscars and all they see is the actor. After maybe 30 years of being an actor, of struggling and putting everything they’ve got into everything they do, they finally get the Oscar. They win that Oscar and lots of people watching think how much they’d love to be an actor just because of that moment.

The same goes for athletes. We see them compete at the Olympics, winning a gold medal, and most of us sit there in our armchairs thinking how amazing that would be. We get so caught up in it. Maybe we shed a tear for them as we get carried along in their victory and connect with that. We would love to get that gold medal.

Perhaps there are some younger people out there who started their journeys as athletes or actors. They saw their heroes picking up gold medals or picking up the Oscar. Very quickly, however, there’s a massively rude awakening. It’s immensely important to have a dream, whether it’s the gold medal or the Oscar. The football player wants the FA Cup or to play for his or her country. The Formula One driver wants to win the championship. They all have big goals, dreams, or ambitions. It’s really important to have that focus, it’s really powerful. But the bottom line is having to love the process of that success. They have to learn to love it.

I assume that the actor loves acting. This is like you loving what it is that you actually do in your business. The actor loves acting, but guess what? They also have to love the rehearsal process, the learning of lines, the character development. They have to love being on set and being around the cameras, the technology and all the people and the camaraderie that goes with it. If they don’t love all of that, not only will their experience of what they’re doing be massively affected but also their performance will deteriorate.

It’s like the pop star who doesn’t like being on stage. They just want to write songs and put their music into the world, but they don’t want to be on MTV. They don’t want to do interviews. It must be bloody hard work for them. Trust me, you want to love every aspect of what you do. The sprinter may love running as well as wanting to win the gold medal, but she also has to love the gym. Most sprinters spend longer in the gym than they ever do out on the track. They have to love the discipline, the discomfort, the pain that comes from training at that level. The training is endless. No one is watching, no one is cheering, there are no prizes for endlessly pushing themselves. They have to love the sacrifice they make around their lifestyle, their nutrition, as well as all kinds of other things. They have to love that, otherwise it’s just hard work. Can you imagine an athlete ever going the distance and becoming someone who can compete in the Olympics, let alone win the gold medal, without loving those other aspects of being a runner? It’s not going to work.

We have up days and down days, but you’ve got to love all aspects of the process. The process of being a runner. The process of being a competitor. The process of winning a gold medal. Then there are football players. Of course they love playing football. Most boys and girls will kick a football around the playground. They fall in love with football. And then they might play football in school. They very quickly realize that it’s not all about playing football.

Being a football player is about everything else that supports playing football. The drills – the monotony of running around cones and zigzagging, going backwards and forwards. The constant goal shooting. The goal keepers who save hundreds of goals each session. Then there’s the gym again and the endless traveling. They don’t just stand there and kick a football around at lunch time. They have to travel all around the country, and the world. If you don’t love the whole of that process, you’re going to be an uninspired footballer. And if you’re an uninspired footballer, how are you ever going to make it to the FA Cup final? How are you ever going to make a career out of this thing?  

Let me reiterate. The least thing that an actor does is act. They can sometimes spend two years prepping for a role that they shoot in a handful of months. Statistically speaking, they are very unlikely to ever win an Oscar. The least thing a sprinter does is actually race and it’s very unlikely that they’re ever going to win a gold medal. The least thing a football player does is play football and they are very unlikely to ever win a cup or play for their country. But here’s the thing. If they love the process that provides the possibility of achieving that outcome, they’ve already won.

Statistically, you are unlikely to make a million pounds in your business. Very few businesses hit a million pounds. To even be in with a chance of achieving the million-pound turnover or being a billionaire, you have to love the process. You’ve got to be in the game long enough to be in with a shot of achieving the outcome. You’re never going to be in the game long enough unless you love the entire process. If you do love the process, then there’s a chance you might achieve your massive vision or goal. If you don’t love the process, you won’t. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t love the process of success, you won’t be successful. If you do love the process of creating success, you might be successful. I can’t guarantee it, but you might be successful. But here’s the thing, if you love what you do day to day – the process of the achievement, not just the achievement itself – you have already won.

I want you to think about what it is that you should be doing that you’re not? Have a look at that. I’m willing to bet that any tasks you’re avoiding are the ones you don’t enjoy doing. Am I right? Even though we’re well-adjusted adults, we’re still fundamentally driven in the way we were when we were kids. The stuff we like and enjoy, we do. And the stuff we don’t like or enjoy, we don’t do. The difference is that in your business, you probably don’t have your mum or dad prodding you all day long to do the stuff that you need to do in order to get the results. You don’t have your mum, for example, making you go to school or do your homework.

We all had these lessons and then we became adults and realised that we never need to be answerable to anyone else again. But unfortunately, you do need to be answerable to someone – you. You need to set the rules. You need to set the tasks. You need to decide on the focus and make yourself do it. You need to do the stuff you need to do in order to get the result you want. You must be the disciplinarian in your own life. You need to be disciplined in yourself so that you can get to have the result.

The easiest way of doing what you need to do on a consistent basis is to love the living hell out of it. Take those tasks that you don’t like or enjoy but are absolutely integral to growing your business and find a way of loving them. Find a way of enjoying them. Find a way of respecting them. If not, you’re going to keep your business down.

A big part of levelling up your business is taking the passion and the love you have for delivering the service and bringing it to the business as a whole. And then, if you want to scale that business up, you bring that love and passion to the scaling of the business. It’s possible that as you grow your business, you’ll get more and more detached from the clients. If you’re only motivated by that – seeing the impact that you’re having face to face with your client – you can see how you might never scale your business. You’ve got to find the same love, the same purpose, the same mission and passion that you found when you looked at your client face to face. You’ve got to find a way of taking that to the next level.

As you start to move yourself out of the business and you start working increasingly on growing it, you still need to have that same love and passion for all aspects of it in order to level up and grow. When you start a business, of course, you have to do pretty much everything yourself. You’ve got to try and find the love for all those activities and enjoy them until you get to the place where you’ll be successful enough to have the money to outsource them.

But here’s the thing.If you hate sales, you don’t do sales properly and your business doesn’t grow. You’re stuck with sales forever. If you don’t enjoy sales, you won’t do it well enough to get the results to be able to afford to outsource. Love sales so much that you enjoy it, do lots of it and quickly become successful enough to start outsourcing some of it. By that point, you may or may not want to outsource sales because you might enjoy it too much. That’s the solution. I hope it makes sense.

I like it when I work with business owners and have to pry these tasks away from them, telling them they shouldn’t be doing a particular activity anymore. They protest, saying they love doing their accounts. But they hated doing accounts when they started their business. They fell in love with doing accounts but have come to a point where they need to let go of them. I love it that they now love something they hated, and I have to pry it away from them because it’s all part of that levelling up process.

To sum up in a few words, love the process of achievement every bit as much as you will love the achievement itself. If you do that, you’ve already won.

Until next time, as always, be successful.

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