Work on Your Business Not in Your Business | THE DAILY – G #108

Work on Your Business Not in Your Business | THE DAILY – G #108

That “work ‘ON’ your business not ‘IN” your business” bullshit!

You’ve heard it over and over and it’s proliferated as eternal business wisdom, but that won’t stop me calling “Bullshit!” on it.

Of course you need to be working ‘ON’ your business, I don’t have a problem with that bit. The problem I have is the not ‘IN’ your business part of this throw-away statement.

It might be the aim of the bigger business owner to eventually extradite herself out of her business so it is ripe for purchase, managment buyout or floating on the stock market but for most small businesses, if you’re not working ‘IN’ your business, you aren’t earning. This is why it’s such a dangerous universal meme. My general advice to sub 100k companies is to be ‘IN’ your business as much as possible because that’s where you’re earning. Grow your business, get some financial success, then outsource and hire and start increasing your ‘ON’ business work.

The statement implies that Woking ‘IN’ your business is somehow not as important as ‘ON’ your business and this can con smaller business owners into thinking they’re working hard when they’re sitting around thinking shit up, devising marketing strategies or generally fucking about on non-income generating or billable tasks.

It is yet more business bullshit that gets branded about as conventional wisdom that can actually hinder and miss-direct the smaller business owner.

The idea that somehow working in your business is bad is simply bullshit.


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