Who’s the boss?

Who's the boss?

95%-99% of everything you think feel and do is unconscious. Your unconscious brain is forty times faster and a million times more powerful than you (your conscious brain). Your unconscious runs the show. It’s the boss.

If you leave it to its own devices, your unconscious brain will drive your life along a predetermined path based on your learnings and experiences to date,
that will almost certainly limit you from achieving your potential.

It does this through stimulating biological and chemical impulses to manipulate actions, reactions, behaviours and therefore results. You are on autopilot and unless you start to learn how to take the controls, you’ll keep getting the same results.

Your unconscious brain is big, fast and powerful, like a charging elephant. How do you take control of that? You can’t outrun it or wrestle it. You must use the only advantage you have. Your unconscious brain isn’t smart. It has the intelligence of a 5-year old. You need to learn how to outwit it with your far smarter conscious brain. You need to become the boss. It is possible.

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