What’s Holding You Back? | The Daily – G #99

What’s Holding You Back? | The Daily – G #99

What’s holding you back?

Start the day at 6 o’clock speaking at Oxford Business Network where I share how networking grew our business. Straight back home and onto a Skype call with our mentor Nick James of Seriously Fun Business. Then I spend the rest of the day being a dad of the year and driving all over the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire collecting the girls and their puppy.

Along the way, I share lots of insight into what’s holding us back from achieving our potential and why we can be exhausted moving 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

If you’re a business owner or anyone trying to achieve success, don’t skip your personal development. It will clear the path for greater and greater rewards.

BBB, the home of entrepreneurial


BBB takes a completely unique approach to your success. We have tried and tested methodologies, systems and processes that help you take the guesswork out of your success. We are laser focused on personal development. We are experts in getting you to influence the 95-99% that is getting in the way of your success and we are laser-focused on delivering you excellent results.

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