Valentine Day Message to Entrepreneurs | THE DAILY – G #188

Valentine Day Message to Entrepreneurs | THE DAILY – G #188


Valentine Day Message to Entrepreneurs


While many celebrate their personal relationships I talk about the other important relationships in an entrepreneur’s life; the ones with their business and themselves.

Do what you need to do to stay engaged, connected and in love with all you are, all you do and your business!


Good morning to you, it’s Thursday morning but it’s not just any old Thursday morning, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I hope whatever it is that you did a Valentine’s Day it was whatever you would want it to be for you.

For me I keep it pretty simple, here’s a little card that I sent Tracey. Little teddy bear just ’cause I love teddy bears and a picture from our recent holidays.

And that was about it really, apart from that it was just a case of just acknowledging at a level that I still appreciate, respect, and love her for being in my life.

But here’s the thing, I’m getting a bit older now and the reason don’t go completely mental on Valentine’s is really, really simple, because love is an ongoing thing.

Your connection with your partner is an ongoing thing, it should be expressed frequently and often and you should acknowledge it even more frequently and often than that.

My message today is really simple, it follows on from my message at the beginning this week on Monday which is it’s not Monday mornings that suck, it’s your life, your business, it’s your work, whatever it is that you are dreading if you wake up with those Monday blues.

Today my message about Valentine’s will be simple, it’s about the relationship you have with yourself, with your life, and with your business. All relationships have their ups and downs but if you’re committed to a long-term relationship with yourself, which I hope you are, your life, which I hope you are, and your business, which I hope you are, then you have to acknowledge the fact that you’re gonna have these fallings out every now and again, you’re going to have the ups and downs.

However, what you wanna do is you wanna express your devotion to yourself, to your life, to your business, as frequently and as often as possible and you want to think about it even more than that.

Really simple message today, I’m gonna leave it here, I’m gonna just give you that really simple message, take time to experience the devotion that you have to yourself, to your life, to your business, of course to your partner as well if you have one.

Just acknowledge that on a consistent basis, it’s okay to have one big day, it’s okay just to, you know, whatever, give some money to Hallmark or whoever it might be.

However, you want to have these feelings, you want to share and display these emotions on a very frequent basis in your relationships, whether they be your partner, your life, yourself, and your business.

Valentine’s is not just for one day, or I should say, love who’s not for one day, Valentine’s is, and your commitment your business is not just for one day, one week one month, it’s the year after year after year after year and you wanna express it and you wanna experience it and you’ll be grateful for it as frequently and is often as humanly possible.

Have an awesome day and I will check with you tomorrow!


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