The Smart Entrepreneur Knows Where To Do More

The Smart Entrepreneur Knows Where To Do More


Contrary to the popular idea that you should work smarter, not harder, we know anecdotally, and from the autobiographies of successful people, that you HAVE to work hard if you want to achieve anything of real substance. Many small business owners simply aren’t working hard enough, and part of the problem is the ”work smart not hard” bullshit they’ve been sold.

Being successful is about working hard AND being smart enough to know when hustling harder, grinding more or working your arse off isn’t the right solution. In some situations, just doing more isn’t going to solve anything and can even make the problem worse. In these instances, the smart entrepreneur knows to be creative, to come up with clever solutions to problems and not just work more, faster, harder.

To be a smart, successful entrepreneur, the skill is knowing when to work harder and do more, and when to work smarter and be more creative.


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