The Importance of Being Sales Focused in Business | THE DAILY – G #190

The Importance of Being Sales Focused in Business | THE DAILY – G #190


The Importance of Being Sales Focused in Business


If you’re in business, you’re in sales.

You probably didn’t intend to take a sales job but there’s a sales chair in your business and by default, it’s yours!

If you want to grow your business, you need to sell. Every business I’ve worked that’s organically grown from start-up to over £1,000,000, has had its owner’s butt firmly in the sales seat. If you want to grow your business, yours needs to be also.

Being a sales lead and sales focussed business doesn’t have to change your other values and goals. It just means you think ‘sales first’, take sales action first and you have specific sales targets you’re constantly focussed on.

If you want to be successful in business, step up and be the sales leader your business needs you to be.


Good evening to you, it’s Monday night for me, it’s been a hell of a long one, but super productive.

Started about 8:30 this morning and it’s just gone 11:00 now at night, so super productive. One of the things I did earlier was we put out a live session to our Success Groups online members and we were talking about sales ’cause we’re in our February sales challenge season, 28 days of I Love Sales.

And we were talking about becoming a sales led business. So what is it you can do as a business owner to become a sales led business?

Actually it doesn’t require much at all. It just requires you to adjust your priorities ever so slightly. What you need to do is bring sales to the top of your priority list, that’s it.

Do your sales activity first, do your sales planning first.

First thing on a Monday morning you do your sales planning, you look at who you need to reach out, look at who you’re waiting on, look at your opportunities.

The beginning of every single day, literally the first thing you do is look at your sales opportunities for that day. Once you’ve done your sales, you do everything else that you’re doing already.

You keep the high levels of customer care, you do whatever it is that you do positively to impact the world.

I’m not trying to change you, I’m not trying to steer you away from having a really solid, authentic business that you love, all I wanna do is make that business successful for you the way you do that is you need to make sales a priority.

Just do your sales first and then carry on doing everything else as you are already doing it.

Imagine you’r the sales director of your own business, if you went to any sales director office, I’ll tell you now there’s two numbers that they’re constantly monitoring.

They’re monitoring how they’re doing this year so far against their year target and they’re monitoring how they’re doing against this month’s target.

So again, put those numbers up in your office, put them where you work.

If you got a white board, stick them big on that white board.

Know where you are this month and this year so far against your revenue targets, your sales targets that you set yourself this year, hold yourself accountable to the activity that you need to do to fit into those sales results, whether it’s marketing or networking or cold calling or E-mail canvasing or you’re working through Linkedin campaigns, Facebook campaigns, hold yourself accountable to the marketing activity that drives the leads and then hold yourself accountable to your sales funnel, each step of that sales funnel that ultimately gets you a new client.

This is what sales people do. They do sales, they breathe sales, they live sales. They’re the numbers that they’re focused on.

Again, I’m not saying you have to do literally 24 hours a day sales or even five days a week of sales, I’m just saying do the sales that you need to do to grow your business, to achieve the targets you set yourself, do that activity first.

Do it first thing in the morning.

The beginning of each month, have a sales meeting with your month coming up, create a target list of who it is you’re gonna reach out to, past clients, current clients you maybe wanna up sell, new prospects, new opportunities, new market sectors you can break into.

Have those meetings every single month, first Monday of the month.

Have like an hour or so, generate a target at least for a month. The beginning of each week, look at your monthly target list, generate your week’s target list, who is it you’re gonna reach out to? Who are you gonna sell to? Where are your opportunities that week.

Every single day, what are the activities I need to do today in order to reach my sales target?

Do it first, do it early, do it quick and then you can get on and carry on running your business exactly as you already are.

Anyway, that’s my message to you.

You wanna be the sales director of your own business. You wanna be the sales person of your own business.

And you do need to make your business a sales focused, sales led business if you wanna make it successful.

Quick addendum there,

every business owner I’ve ever worked with who has taken a business from start up to over a million pounds in revenue turnover per year, every single one of them put themselves in the sale chair first and foremost.

You cannot ignore those statistics.

Anyway, I wish you every success in your business.

Come on, it’s Monday, get that sales activity done, get that target list drawn up, go and do your sales and then get on with the rest of your life.

Anyway, see you next time.

That’s awesome, we’re doing tomorrow, I’m babbling now, it’s late.

See you tomorrow.

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