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The Impact of the Launch Programme

We regularly ask our BBB members to tell us how our support has affected their confidence as business owners. In all our groups, we see the same pattern as you can see below: a clear shift towards being more confident across the key area relevant to the stage and size of their business.

The data was collected anonymously by a third party. We’re not into cherry-picking our findings, so all members who completed the survey and who have been with us for three months or more are included. See what they had to say.

To explore the graph for yourself, hover over a dot. This will highlight all the dots related to the same member.

The coloured dots are how they feel now; the grey dots are how they felt before BBB. If they left a comment about BBB in the questionnaire, that will also appear next to the dot you selected. If you click on the dot, that member will stay highlighted throughout the graphs until you unclick them or click on another one – this allows you to scroll to see what they had to say across all the questions.