Success is a journey of two paths

Just like every great story, the story of your life has a lead character. You.

Every lead character who has ever gone on a quest has had to walk two paths. They’ve had to navigate
the external world, with all its challenges, antagonists and conquests. They’ve also had to navigate their own internal landscape, conquering their demons, doubts and fears. They’ve had to grow as people to overcome the challenges that could have thwarted their progress in the external world.

The two paths intertwine with one another. Progressing on the outward journey will force you to overcome internal obstacles, while clearing away internal obstacles will enable you to handle the external challenges.

Think of any film or book you enjoy and you’ll see that, regardless of whether it’s a romantic comedy, tragedy or action film, the hero’s quest is one that always follows these two paths. Your story will similarly unfold.

Mastering life is a combination of working on the internal and external environments. In business terms, this is working on any internal limitation or block
that prevents you from growing your business and successfully navigating the business terrain.


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