Stop clock-watching and start focusing on result | THE DAILY – G #193

Stop clock-watching and start focusing on result | THE DAILY – G #193


As an entrepreneur you get to design your life but there’s a price you have to pay for that freedom.

You’ll probably have to work twice as hard today, to get the freedoms and choices you want tomorrow.

Get out of the 9-5, 5 day week mentality that you’ve been conditioned with and just do what you need to do to get the results you set yourself. Nobody’s watching you clock in and out. No one is paying you for just being there.

This isn’t like working for someone else.

This is entrepreneurship and you need to watch the results not the clock. You finish when you achieve what you set out to achieve that day or that week, not because the clock says 5 or the calendar reads Friday.

School and employment have taught you many bad habits that need to be broken if you want to succeed in business.

Hello, it’s Friday and my message to you on Friday is always the same which is dig in, fight harder, finish strong, do what you need to do in order to finish your week out so you’re in a place that keeps you on track for your short term, medium term and long term goals.

And of course, your life objectives.

Assuming you set out your plans and your goals on Monday, if you listened to my video you will have done. But assuming you set out your goals and your plans on the Monday you know where you wanted to get to or needed to get to today, Friday, in order to keep yourself on track for your goals.

If you’ve got distracted or you deviated off of that path, today’s the day where you have to get yourself back on your agenda, get yourself back on your goals and do what you need to do to finish in the place that you set out back on Monday.

9-5 mentality

It’s only five days ago. So, here’s the thing, if you have to work Saturday, if you have to work a Sunday, do so if that’s what it takes to keep you on track. I’m speaking really to you the business owner, the entrepreneur right now. I hear a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs and of course they start their businesses because they want a lifestyle business, they want a quality of life. Basically they don’t wanna work really f*****g hard, right.

The truth of the matter is, entrepreneurism does offer you unprecedented opportunities for quality of life and freedom and everything else.

However, it doesn’t come free of charge. It doesn’t come without a price tag. You have to pay the price to get the reward. You have to put the energy in to get the reward.

So here’s the thing, you may have to pick up the pace today in order to get where you need to.

Maybe you can’t get back on track today so you’re gonna have to pick it up tomorrow maybe even Sunday. Here’s the thing, right, I keep saying this, as an entrepreneur you work the week, the hours, the time that you need to work to get the result that you want for yourself.

If you’re setting big goals, audacious goals, and you want big results, you’re gonna have to put that effort in.

You’re gonna have to put that energy in. And living your life in that kind of nine to five madness that we’ve kind of been conditioned to and you know Monday to Friday and everything else.

Honestly, it really messes with your game, right. I’ve said this a few times on these videos. It scrambles your brain. It stops you really focusing what’s important which is doing what you need to do to get the result that you wanna get.

So here’s the thing, it’s Friday.

I’m telling you dig in, fight harder, keep yourself on track.

Actually today I’m having a retreat. So, retreat day for me is one where I don’t do any work at all. I’m allowing myself a few conversations with you. I have no TV, I don’t do any emails. I don’t have my phone on. I literally unplug myself, okay for one day. Not even the whole day, right. Unplug myself from nine o’clock in the morning to five or six o’clock in the day. So, basically I take the whole working day, inverted commas, off, actually I would try not to watch a bit of TV et cetera, whatever. But these hours here no technology, no TV, no email, certainly no work, no thinking about work. I’m taking time, we go down to the gym.

Before that I’m gonna pick up my new phone, my new iPhone, then I’m gonna go and hit the gym, I’m gonna hang at the gym. I’m gonna have lunch there. I’m gonna do some weights and them I’m gonna have a little swim probably I’m gonna go hang out in the spa. Just relax and chill out and everything else, okay. And that’s really my day to day.

But here’s the thing, right, I am working tomorrow. Now, the reason I’m working tomorrow and taking today off, you know one, ’cause I f*****g can, right, because I own my own business and I design my own life, and two, I’d much rather be hanging out in the gym and chilling out and wandering around when everybody else is at work and the place is kinda chilled out, and calm and quiet.

Why don’t I wanna take Saturday off? Go down there on a Saturday, that gym is madness ’cause all the parents are there, all the kids are there, it’s just crazy. The gym’s packed out ’cause everyone else is playing the same stupid game, right, Monday to Friday, nine to five.

So here’s the thing, I’m gonna be working tomorrow in order to keep myself on track for my goals this week so I can start next week where I need to start next week. But I’m taking today off, having a complete day off chillaxing, that’s a terrible word isn’t it, relaxing. And that’s what I’m doing, that’s what I’m doing.

So here’s the thing, I’m telling you to finish strong, fight harder, but I’ve also got a second message here, it’s really simple, design what that looks like for you, right. If it means every now and again you take a Friday off like me or you take a day off like me but you put the hours in in the evening, you put the hours in the morning, you put the hours in the Saturday or the Sunday, just like I do. Then it doesn’t matter ’cause it’s all about doing the work, putting the effort in that gets the result. And the problem with a lot of corporate, the problem with that corporate mentality is that we and school and everything else is we kinda get into this mentality of showing up and turning up and that being work. You know, we work our eight hour day or nine hour day or we do our five day week or whatever, and we think that’s work.

When you run your own business of course, the bottom line is really simple. It’s the result, that’s it, its all it’s for. You’re working for result. You’re not putting hours in or days in or anything else. The amount you put in is pure and simple and not counting them is to get the result. It’s the result you’re focusing on. It’s the result that you’re counting on and tracking and everything else. That’s what you are basing your input on. If you genuinely can get the result that you want in one hour day, then go for it. But I tell you now, I’ll be surprised if you can get to the point doing one hour day. The chances are you’ll have to put in you know 10, 12, 15 hour days, six, seven day weeks for a while before you even come close to doing a four day week, a three day week, a two day week or even a one day week. This make sense?

Pay the price, do the things you need to do in order to get the result that gives you what it is that you want back out of life, it’s success what it might be, the materialism et cetera, but also the quality life and the experience of life, the lifestyle that you ultimately wanna get out of it. A bit of a rant there and it first you’re the first people I’ve spoken to all day. Anyway, so, I’m gonna take the rest of the afternoon off. I’m gonna hit the gym.

I’ll share some stuff with you as we go through the day.

But yeah, design your life so it works for you. And what working for you means is that it gives you the result that you want out of life. I’ll check in with ya in just a little bit.

Have a bloody awesome one. okay, so I did my weights, I did my run today and a little thought crossed my mind really. I thought I’d share it with you.

Set the right goal

And this is the importance of setting the right goal around the outcome that you wanna have.

So, you have an outcome, a designed outcome you wanna have. In my case, I wanna lose some weight. I wanna get fitter. I wanna get healthier. I wanna get stronger again. And then you go work out, right, what are the actual goals you need to set? The goals you need to set are the ones that you can measure so that you can measure performance and tie those targets into the maybe intangibles that you want. So, I wanna be fitter so then you tangiblize which is my word that I made up, you tangibilize that by setting goals around what the achievement needs to be to give you the degree of fitness that your aiming for.

So, getting fitter is quite intangible. So you sit there and say, right, so in my case you know I wanna run three miles in under 30 minutes, that’s it. That’s my goal for the year. I haven’t run for years and years. I’ve got well what six years ago or more. It’s been really slow recovery. So, this year I’m really taking my health on board.

Last year was really about recovering and sort of healing and getting myself well which I have. This year now is about getting healthy, fitter, stronger, losing the weight et cetera.

But it got me really thinking about people setting goals. ‘Cause what happens is you have an objective you have an outcome you want and sometimes we just set the wrong bloody goals. It’s the wrong metrics to measure what it might be. Make sure you set the right metrics.

Profit versus turnover

In your business for example, I’m always getting caught up on this debate about profit and turnover and how turnover is vanity and profit is sanity and all that bullshit. You know, I’m quite outspoken.

I actually think turnover is a really f*****g awesome goal to aim for, for a small business if you try to grow. Because you can basically be more profitable and shrink your business, right. If I let go of my staff, I could reduce some of my members. I could pull my business back. I would be more profitable potentially, but that’s not what I want.

I want to grow my business. And to grow my business, I need to invest in my business. And if I then get capped or strangled by my profit target, it can actually hold me back from my growth target which is actually my target I wanna aim for, that’s revenue. Of course, you then have a profit target in there it’s your sanity check. So, what we’d say is whether or not profit is sanity and turnover is vanity, what I say is turnover’s absolutely a bonafide goal to aim for. It can even be your number one goal.

In my business, I’ll tell you now, revenue is the number one financial goal of my business. The profitability is a second backup goal. It’s a sanity check to make sure that we’re doing the right business, we’re doing it the right way, we’re keeping our costs down et cetera, et cetera.

Set goals

So yeah, it’s really just to say to you, when you’re setting your goals, it’s super important everyone in success groups set their goals. Everyone in my experience sets their goals. We set our goals in our systems. We’ve developed an online system that every single person in our group is plugged into, it’s a bespoke system we built from the ground up that ties into our methodology and our systemology et cetera of how we set goals and achieve goals. And but I’ll tell you now, if you set the wrong goal, you’ll either be successful in all the wrong ways or you won’t be successful at all. Make sure you’ve got the right objectives number one. Make sure you set the right goals which are the right measurables in order to achieve those goals for you. And just because they’re the right goal for someone else or the right measure for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll be the right measure for you.

Anyway, there you go. I’m waffling today, do you know why? Because I’ve got a whole day to myself and so yeah, so I’m just chatting away. If you got this far, f*****g awesome. We must be, we should become friends. I’ll check in a little bit. Have an awesome day, go on, have a good one.

Okay, so that brings me to the end of today. Obviously a really relaxing one for me, chilling out just doing some stuff. Getting in here and doing some real thinking and a little bit of reconnecting, re-energising et cetera. Gonna spend the evening with Tracey, gonna chill out, relax, hang out. She’s still a bit unwell unfortunately with this bloody cold and cough that seems to be absolutely laying people out and knocking ’em out for six. Have the weekend you need to have. For me it’s gonna be a combination of some chores around the house I need to catch up on plus obviously we’ll have some time out and relax and connect. But obviously on top of that, there is plenty of work that I need to be getting on with.

Next week’s my big week for us. Got quite a lot of stuff coming up next week so I need to be getting on with my planning. So that is what I’m gonna be doing. The weather’s supposed to be awesome. I can’t get enough of this for February that’s for sure.

So, yeah, have an awesome weekend doing whatever it is that you are doing.

Remember what I said about making your efforts count.

Get focused on the activity that gives you the outcome.

Don’t just think it’s Monday to Friday.

Don’t just think it’s nine to five.

Do what you need to do in order to keep yourself on track for your short term, medium term, and long term goals, your objectives and of course what it is that you are ultimately trying to create out of life in terms of the actuality out there.

But also the experience of life you’re trying to create for yourself in here.

Have an awesome one.

I will pick up on Monday and we’ll do it all over again.

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